Carotenoid Roundtable


Carotenoids for Ocular Health

An expert review of the scientific evidence and best nutritional practices

Recently, a panel of leading researchers and experts on nutrition and ocular health was convened to discuss the scientific evidence pertaining to the use of lutein, zeaxanthin, and meso-zeaxanthin and their clinical relevance. Highlights of that meeting were captured in a monograph that was sent out with the September issue of Review of Optometry. The panel comprised the following experts in Optometry and Ocular Nutrition: 

  • Stuart Richer (Moderator), OD, PhD
  • Elizabeth Johnson, PhD
  • Steven Ferrucci, OD
  • Jeffry Gerson, OD
  • Dorothy Hitchmoth, OD
  • Joseph Pizzimenti, OD
  • Diana Shechtman, OD

The purpose of the monograph is to serve as an education and useful tool for EyeCare Professionals as they aim to help their patients maintain good vision throughout their lifetimes.

To read the complete roundtable discussion, click here!