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EyePromise Announces Partnership with Neil Walker

Neil Walker's visual contrast improved over 30% using EyePromise products.

2014 Silver Slugger Utilizes the EyePromise brand of Eye Vitamins to Gain a Competitive Edge on the Field

ST. LOUIS (July 15th , 2015) – EyePromise, the leading brand of NSF Certified nutritional products for eye health, gives athletes a competitive edge by maximizing on-field performance through better vision and reaction time.

“I was introduced to EyePromise prior to the 2014 season by our team eye doctor,” said Neil Walker.  “Vision is such an important part of the game.

If you’re not doing everything possible to maximize your vision you are behind the times.”

Walker slugged a career best 23 home runs during the 2014 season, setting the all-time team record for his position, and leading all other second-basemen in his respected league.  His success at the plate earned him the prestigious 2014 ‘Silver Slugger’ award, which is decided on by coaches and managers to recognize a player for his offensive achievements over the course of a season.

“Incorporating EyePromise into my nutritional regimen has ultimately translated to better on-field performance for me.  I’ve noticed improvements in my ability to see during bright day games, the dryness of my eyes, and even my ability to pick up on fine detail,” explained Walker.  “My eye-doctor has also noticed improvements.  The last time I saw him he informed me that my contrast has improved by over 30%.  I am happy to have been introduced to EyePromise and their NSF Certified products,” added Walker.

“We are excited to partner with Neil and spread awareness around the topic of nutrition for healthy vision,” said Dr. Dennis Gierhart, the founder and scientist behind the EyePromise brand of zeaxanthin-based nutritional products for eye health.  “Neil will play an instrumental role in growing brand recognition and increasing awareness around the rapidly growing ocular nutrition category,” added Dr. Gierhart.

Walker will be featured in select marketing and advertising campaigns directed at the sports dietitians, athletic trainers, and eye care professionals that EyePromise serves.

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