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3 Reasons You Should Be Using the Auto Renewal Program

When you reach for a pill bottle and see that it’s empty, it’s not a good feeling. That’s why we created the EyePromise Auto Renewal Program –  so you’re never without your eye vitamins. 



The EyePromise Auto Renewal Program is great for 3 key reasons:

  • You don’t have to remember to reorder: EyePromise will automatically send you 3 bottles of your eye vitamin every three months so you don’t have to remember to reorder. Next time you reach for your eye vitamins, the bottle won’t be empty!
  • You get a discount: If you’re part of the Auto Renewal Program, you save $1.50 per bottle.
  • Free shipping: Our Auto Renewal Program includes free shipping and handling. No need to worry about any extra costs.

How do you sign up for the Auto Renewal Program, you ask? Simple. Go to the product page of your choosing and click “add to cart” where you see the 3-bottle Auto Renewal Program. We also offer a 6-bottle Auto Renewal Program as well!

Never forget to give your eyes what they need most.

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