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Popular Eye Care Tool Linked to Cognitive Decline

When it comes to age-related eye health issues, your choice in care is limited. Early signs are typically met with a “watch and wait” mentality. Intermediate stages are cared for through nutritional supplementation (an AREDS 2 eye vitamin). When the eye health concern advances and there’s bleeding in the retina, the common care protocol is anti-VEGF injections delivered directly to the eye. While these injections help stop the bleeding and preserve vision, they have recently been linked to cognitive decline. Continue reading Popular Eye Care Tool Linked to Cognitive Decline

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Understanding the Eye-Brain Connection

Alzheimer's losing brain and memory function.

The eyes are often referred to as the windows to the soul. What many don’t realize is that they are also windows into our brain health. Our eyes and brain are deeply connected, and changes in the eyes can often indicate issues in the brain. Here’s why. Continue reading Understanding the Eye-Brain Connection

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What to Expect With EyePromise® Performance Vitamins

Unfortunately, there is no magic pill that automatically improves your visual performance after taking it once. When taking vitamins, it takes time for the nutrients to accumulate before seeing results. However, if you’re willing to make that commitment, here’s an estimated timeline of what improvements you can look for when taking EyePromise® Vizual Edge™ ChewableVizual Edge Pro™, or Screen Shield™ Pro and when you might see them.

Continue reading What to Expect With EyePromise® Performance Vitamins

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Improved Vision = Improved Performance

As an athlete, there are many different training options for improving your game. From agility to weight training, there are different aspects of performance that can be worked on. One that is not often thought about – your eyes. Yes, you can actually improve your visual performance which translates into better performance on the course, field, court, etc. Here’s how. Continue reading Improved Vision = Improved Performance

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Screen Time Protection for All Ages

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, screen time has increased exponentially in many households, and with some children going back to school virtually, screen time seems nearly unavoidable.  With an increase in device use comes an increase in concern about what this screen time means for our health and wellbeing, particularly for our eyes. The EyePromise® Screen Shield™ line offers 2 products designed to support the eyes during screen time through essential nutrition. Continue reading Screen Time Protection for All Ages

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Vizual Edge Pro & Vizual Edge Chewable: What’s the Difference?

At EyePromise®, one of our most exciting accomplishments is our extensive product line. We love having different products to help different types of eye health issues! However, we know that can lead to some confusion, especially with products that have similar names. When it comes to our sports products, it can be difficult to determine the differences. We’re breaking it down for you. Continue reading Vizual Edge Pro & Vizual Edge Chewable: What’s the Difference?

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Esports & Diet

When most people think of gamers, they think of kids in their rooms staying up too late and eating junk food. But that's not the case.

When it comes to esports and gaming in general, most people have an idea of what a typical gamer looks like, acts like, and eats like. We tend to think of them staying up all night eating pizza rolls, Hot Pockets, and Doritos and chasing them with energy drinks and Mountain Dew. While this is far from incorrect for many young people who game, there is much more interest surrounding nutrition and performance in terms of gaming than you may realize. Continue reading Esports & Diet

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Player Profile: Professional Esports Athlete

Kurt Schray, a professional gamer, shared his day-to-day with us and how he fights back against screen time.

With the majority of people working remotely and increasing their time spent on screens, we were curious to know how someone who typically spends hours a day in front of digital devices deals with the day-to-day of excessive screen time. Kurt Schray, 28, from Leesburg, Virginia, is a competitive esports athlete. We asked him to share a bit about his experiences as a professional gamer, what symptoms he notices throughout his day, and how he tries to counteract his time spent on devices. Continue reading Player Profile: Professional Esports Athlete

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Gearing Up for Super Bowl 2020

Super Bowl 2020 is set for Sunday, February 2, at 5:30 CST.

The weather may be getting colder, but the football season is really heating up. With the NCAA Championship game over and February quickly approaching, that can only mean one thing. That’s right – Super Bowl Sunday is just around the corner! Continue reading Gearing Up for Super Bowl 2020