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The New Age of Telehealth

The recent outbreak of COVID-19 has forced changes for many different industries. In the medical world, many practices have shut their doors except for emergencies and moved as much of their daily practice as possible to online care. This new-aged healthcare is called telehealth or telemedicine. Continue reading The New Age of Telehealth

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Nutrition in the Future of Optometry

The eye is heavily affected by the foods we eat.

Nutrition is an important aspect of overall health, but few people truly understand its direct relationship to eye health. When it comes to primary care optometry, nutrition and lifestyle modifications need to be incorporated into the conversation for better eye health outcomes. Thomas A. Wong, OD, shared his thoughts about the importance of nutritional conversations in the future of optometry in an article for Optometry Times. Continue reading Nutrition in the Future of Optometry

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EyePromise® Restore vs. AREDS 2 Plus

The growing number of Americans over 50 means that more people are at risk for age-related eye health concerns.

Affecting nearly 11 million Americans, age-related eye health issues are the leading cause of vision impairment in people over 50. As you may know, many people have risk factors indicating a heightened chance for developing these issues, but most don’t know until it’s too late. It’s critical to educate patients about these risk factors, what vision changes to look for, and what they can do. Continue reading EyePromise® Restore vs. AREDS 2 Plus

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What Are People Saying About EyePromise?

EyePromise is dedicated to creating a positive outcome for your patients.It’s always nice to hear what other people think about products and services before you buy them. Whether you ask friends and family, go to an online forum, or simply read online reviews, most people get feedback before making a purchase of almost any kind. As an eye care professional, real-life experiences and testimonials become an even bigger influencer when it comes to adding products and services to your practice. While hearing what other practitioners say is helpful, what really matters for nutraceuticals is the impact they have on patients.

Below are real EyePromise end-user testimonials covering EyePromise® as a whole, including macular health, occasional dry eye, blood vessel integrity, and screen time/visual performance products. Continue reading What Are People Saying About EyePromise?

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Nutraceutical Distribution: What’s Right for My Practice?

Many practices have begun adding nutritional supplements to their patient protocols. Clinical research supports the effect that nutrition can have on eye health, but it’s still a major undertaking to bring nutraceuticals into the practice. There are so many ways to do this, it becomes almost paralyzing to try and sort through and find what option(s) works best for your practice.

Mile Brujic, OD, FAAO, took some of the legwork out for you and put together an analysis of the pros and cons of the most popular ways to offer nutraceuticals. Below are a few options,  along with the pros and cons of each. Continue reading Nutraceutical Distribution: What’s Right for My Practice?

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Improving Contact Lens Comfort with Nutrition

Contact lens comfort can be greatly dependent on ocular surface health.Mile Brujic, OD, FAAO, is passionate about his patients enjoying their contact lens experience. He thinks that all too many stop wearing their lenses simply because of discomfort. Ocular surface health is a major contributor to contact lens comfort. In an article written for Optometry Times, Dr. Brujic expressed his desire for eye care professionals to know how the ocular surface affects comfort. Continue reading Improving Contact Lens Comfort with Nutrition

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The Proof Is in the People

Customer Support can help you log in to your Portal account.


EyePromise® is proud of the hard work, dedication, and quality put into our products, but we’re also proud of the people who help add that quality to our business. Our Customer Support team not only sets us apart, but they do everything in their power to make sure our partners have the best experience possible. They are nothing short of amazing, and they touch nearly every aspect of our partnerships. Continue reading The Proof Is in the People

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The Growing World of Esports & What It Means for Eye Care

Esports is a rapidly growing event that is captivating millions of viewers and participants.As a society, competitions have been a huge source of spectatorship. Sports like baseball, football, and basketball draw huge viewing crowds at the game-day venue, in sports bars, and at home. With advancements in technology, we can now stream these games online and watch them anywhere. However, the rise in technology has also created a whole new sporting segment competing for viewership: esports. Continue reading The Growing World of Esports & What It Means for Eye Care