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Marketing Tips for Your Eye Care Practice

When it comes to running a practice, there are many things to consider. What kind of services will you offer? Will you specialize in a certain type of eye care? Who will you hire to help you ensure your practice runs smoothly? One consideration that may not be on the top of the list but is extremely important to the success of the practice is marketing. We’ve listed a few suggestions to add to your practice marketing plan. Continue reading Marketing Tips for Your Eye Care Practice

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Importance of Masks in Practice

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, many things have changed. One of the most impactful changes in everyday life is the mask regulation. Masks have become a public policy to help flatten the curve and slow the spread of COVID-19. However, not all municipalities are enforcing this recommendation, and some people are refusing to comply. Continue reading Importance of Masks in Practice

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Lessons Learned from COVID-19

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, our norms have shifted and changed, and we quickly had to learn and adapt to the “new normal.” Starting with the sudden shut down of the economy, eye care professionals had to quickly find their footing in a constantly changing environment. When practices were finally allowed to reopen, doctors learned that many things had changed drastically. Jacquie Bowen, OD, recognized many changes, but the changes to her “bedside manner” surprised her. Not only is she dressed head to toe in PPE gear, which hindered some face-to-face interaction, but her patients are also in masks. She now finds herself over-annunciating patient orders and being overly expressive with her eyes, so her patients can feel more at ease. Continue reading Lessons Learned from COVID-19

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5 Tips for Growing Your Practice

In the wake of the pandemic, things seem to finally be returning to normal. While there are many ordinances that have additional restrictions, many practices have been able to open back up, and patient volume has been steady or better for most offices. However, many struggled during the closure and are concerned about how their practice will rebound. With that in mind, we’re sharing 5 tips for growing your eye care practice according to the AOA. Continue reading 5 Tips for Growing Your Practice

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Importance of an Online Retail Presence for Optometry Practices

As an OD, you need to know the importance of having an online retail option, especially in today's environment.

As a practicing physician, it’s your preference to see your patients in the office: nothing can replace a face-to-face conversation, your patients receive better care, and you get a better understanding of what’s going on with their eyes. However, the recent COVID pandemic has demonstrated the need to be agile and tech-savvy in today’s healthcare needs. One OD out of Texas had already implemented an online shopping option for her patients before the shutdown, but she didn’t realize how critical that resource would become. Continue reading Importance of an Online Retail Presence for Optometry Practices

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The Importance of a Program Champion

A program champion can help your practice adopt the EyePromise program smoothly and efficiently.

When bringing in a new program, it can be intimidating to introduce to your staff. You want them to believe in it as strongly as you do, and you don’t want them to feel overwhelmed by another task added on to their daily to-do lists. You can’t always be around to make sure they’re implementing the new program the way you intended. For the EyePromise program, that’s where your Program Champion comes in. Continue reading The Importance of a Program Champion

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Cybercrime & Healthcare

Cybercrime is one of the “newest” forms of criminal activity, and it can be considered some of the scariest. This is because of the sneaky nature of the incident and the catastrophic outcome it can have. These criminals just need a few bits of personal information to take over your entire life, and healthcare providers are a prime target for gathering the kind of data needed. Continue reading Cybercrime & Healthcare

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The New Age of Telehealth

The recent outbreak of COVID-19 has forced changes for many different industries. In the medical world, many practices have shut their doors except for emergencies and moved as much of their daily practice as possible to online care. This new-aged healthcare is called telehealth or telemedicine. Continue reading The New Age of Telehealth

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Nutrition in the Future of Optometry

The eye is heavily affected by the foods we eat.

Nutrition is an important aspect of overall health, but few people truly understand its direct relationship to eye health. When it comes to primary care optometry, nutrition and lifestyle modifications need to be incorporated into the conversation for better eye health outcomes. Thomas A. Wong, OD, shared his thoughts about the importance of nutritional conversations in the future of optometry in an article for Optometry Times. Continue reading Nutrition in the Future of Optometry