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What You Need to Know About Performance & Eye Health

Here's what you should know about how vision impact performance.

As the pandemic seems to come to an end, things are returning to a more “normal” state. With these changes comes the opening of sports stadiums around the country. That’s right! Fans are starting to be allowed back into stadiums to root on their favorite players, teams, and events. As athletes continue to train and improve their skills, one important element of performance is often overlooked: vision. Continue reading What You Need to Know About Performance & Eye Health

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Improved Vision = Improved Performance

As an athlete, there are many different training options for improving your game. From agility to weight training, there are different aspects of performance that can be worked on. One that is not often thought about – your eyes. Yes, you can actually improve your visual performance which translates into better performance on the course, field, court, etc. Here’s how. Continue reading Improved Vision = Improved Performance