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Importance of an Online Retail Presence for Optometry Practices

As an OD, you need to know the importance of having an online retail option, especially in today's environment.

As a practicing physician, it’s your preference to see your patients in the office: nothing can replace a face-to-face conversation, your patients receive better care, and you get a better understanding of what’s going on with their eyes. However, the recent COVID pandemic has demonstrated the need to be agile and tech-savvy in today’s healthcare needs. One OD out of Texas had already implemented an online shopping option for her patients before the shutdown, but she didn’t realize how critical that resource would become. Continue reading Importance of an Online Retail Presence for Optometry Practices

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Esports & Diet

When most people think of gamers, they think of kids in their rooms staying up too late and eating junk food. But that's not the case.

When it comes to esports and gaming in general, most people have an idea of what a typical gamer looks like, acts like, and eats like. We tend to think of them staying up all night eating pizza rolls, Hot Pockets, and Doritos and chasing them with energy drinks and Mountain Dew. While this is far from incorrect for many young people who game, there is much more interest surrounding nutrition and performance in terms of gaming than you may realize. Continue reading Esports & Diet

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The Benefits of Benfotiamine

Vitamins are becoming a very popular way to fulfill nutritional needs. It’s becoming especially popular for those who may be deficient in one or more necessary nutrients. Sometimes, these supplements are derivatives of the actual vitamin or mineral, but because they are absorbed better by the body, they’re used to manage deficiencies. One example of this kind of supplement is benfotiamine. Continue reading The Benefits of Benfotiamine

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Kathy Ireland Features EyePromise®

Kathy Ireland is a world-renowned supermodel and business mogul. Her show on Fox Business and Bloomberg TV, Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®, is “the premier source for the latest business stories, offering viewers a glimpse into the thoughts and insights of some of the brightest minds in the industry today.” We’re honored to share that EyePromise was selected to be featured on this groundbreaking show for its visionary products and dedication to improving the world’s nutrition. Watch the full segment now! Continue reading Kathy Ireland Features EyePromise®

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How Do Diabetes and Nutrition Affect Sports?

If you or your loved one has diabetes, you know that it impacts many aspects of the body, including the kidneys, heart, eyes, and even fingers and toes. When it comes to care protocols, exercise is one of the common recommendations because it can help reduce the adverse metabolic effects of diabetes. For some, sports are their chosen form of exercise, but can a person with diabetes be a competitive athlete? Continue reading How Do Diabetes and Nutrition Affect Sports?

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Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD): Top 5 Google Questions Answered

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is a complicated eye health issue and usually presents a lot of questions and concerns. In this video, our Scientific Advisory Board helped us answer the top 5 most commonly googled questions about AMD. Continue reading Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD): Top 5 Google Questions Answered

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UV Light vs. Blue Light

For the most part, light is perceived as a positive thing. In fact, it’s often used to portray the “good” side vs. the “evil” in stories and art. However, it’s important to note the potential dangers that can accompany light we’re exposed to on a daily basis. The only two parts of the body that are susceptible to light damage are the skin and eyes, and the kinds of dangerous light that are most prevalent are ultraviolet (UV) and blue light. Continue reading UV Light vs. Blue Light

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What Healthcare Professionals Think of Screen Time

Dr. Louise Sclafani, Dr. Drew Schwardtz, Andrew Smith, Tanner Deegan

Many of us are concerned about our screen use, especially since it’s increased for most people during the COVID-19 quarantine. We asked several specialists in their field for their thoughts and how we can counteract our new device-heavy activities. In this blog, we feature answers from Louise Sclafani, OD, FAAO, Andrew “CKG” Smith, Assistant Director of Maryville Esports, Tanner “Zeu” Deegan, Maryville League of Legends Head Coach, and Drew Schwartz, DC. Continue reading What Healthcare Professionals Think of Screen Time

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3 Major Benefits of Selenium

Although you might not have heard of selenium, it is a vital mineral your body relies on. Selenium is found naturally in soil, water, and certain foods, and it plays a huge role in metabolism. But along with promoting healthy metabolism, selenium plays many other key roles in keeping us healthy.

Continue reading 3 Major Benefits of Selenium