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The Ugly Truth About Fish Oil

For years now, fish oil has been a popular supplement. It’s been shown to have several health benefits, specifically, the Omega-3s contained within it, including some for heart, brain, and of course, eye health! Fish oil is a common remedy for people suffering from occasional dry eye symptoms like dryness, irritation, redness, burning, and grittiness. But fish oil is fish oil, right? Wrong. Not all fish oil is created equal, and the lower the quality, the worse off you might be. Continue reading The Ugly Truth About Fish Oil

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How to Boost Immunity

Nearly 30 million Americans suffer from seasonal allergies every year.

Whether it is confidence, mood, or metabolism, as a society, we’re always looking to “boost” something. “How to boost immunity” tends to be one of the most searched questions, not only during COVID-19, but especially during cold and flu season.. There are many products that claim to boost/increase/support the immune system, but that begs the question: can you really boost your immunity?
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