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Common Occasional Dry Eye Myths

Some people believe in these common occasional dry eye ideas, but they're not true.

Myths are typically a thing of fantasy, and you wouldn’t expect them to have a place in eye health. Unfortunately, there are several “myths” that many people believe that are simply not true. Here are a few of those beliefs held by people who experience occasional dry eye that we are happy to dispel.

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CE Course: Contact Lens Comfort

Contact LensContact lens comfort is a multifaceted issue. From ocular surface health to the contact lens material, many factors can contribute to discomfort. For many patients, discomfort is the main reason they cease using contacts, and few mention their comfort issues until asked about their lens wear at their next eye exam. Eye care professionals need to understand the different catalysts for comfort issues and, more importantly, how to help. Continue reading CE Course: Contact Lens Comfort

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Improving Contact Lens Comfort with Nutrition

Contact lens comfort can be greatly dependent on ocular surface health.Mile Brujic, OD, FAAO, is passionate about his patients enjoying their contact lens experience. He thinks that all too many stop wearing their lenses simply because of discomfort. Ocular surface health is a major contributor to contact lens comfort. In an article written for Optometry Times, Dr. Brujic expressed his desire for eye care professionals to know how the ocular surface affects comfort. Continue reading Improving Contact Lens Comfort with Nutrition