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Kids, Screens, and Nearsightedness

Kids' excessive screen time could lead to some serious consequences.

Kids and screens are a common combination. Like most things, screens are fine in moderation, but with many schools including screens in their curriculums and even going totally virtual, kids have no choice but to be exposed for extended periods of time. While this is often a necessary exposure, it’s still an increased strain on their young eyes, and kids are feeling the effects of all this screen time. Continue reading Kids, Screens, and Nearsightedness

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Kathy Ireland Features EyePromise®

Kathy Ireland is a world-renowned supermodel and business mogul. Her show on Fox Business and Bloomberg TV, Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®, is “the premier source for the latest business stories, offering viewers a glimpse into the thoughts and insights of some of the brightest minds in the industry today.” We’re honored to share that EyePromise was selected to be featured on this groundbreaking show for its visionary products and dedication to improving the world’s nutrition. Watch the full segment now! Continue reading Kathy Ireland Features EyePromise®

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UV Light vs. Blue Light

For the most part, light is perceived as a positive thing. In fact, it’s often used to portray the “good” side vs. the “evil” in stories and art. However, it’s important to note the potential dangers that can accompany light we’re exposed to on a daily basis. The only two parts of the body that are susceptible to light damage are the skin and eyes, and the kinds of dangerous light that are most prevalent are ultraviolet (UV) and blue light. Continue reading UV Light vs. Blue Light

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What Healthcare Professionals Think of Screen Time

Dr. Louise Sclafani, Dr. Drew Schwardtz, Andrew Smith, Tanner Deegan

Many of us are concerned about our screen use, especially since it’s increased for most people during the COVID-19 quarantine. We asked several specialists in their field for their thoughts and how we can counteract our new device-heavy activities. In this blog, we feature answers from Louise Sclafani, OD, FAAO, Andrew “CKG” Smith, Assistant Director of Maryville Esports, Tanner “Zeu” Deegan, Maryville League of Legends Head Coach, and Drew Schwartz, DC. Continue reading What Healthcare Professionals Think of Screen Time

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Screen Time = Non-Stop Work for Your Eyes

Screens are everywhere. Even before quarantine, many of us spent hours a day with our screens – working, learning, entertaining ourselves. But when we could leave the house, it seemed easier to avoid screen time. For example, the commute to and from work was a forced break from those long hours on devices. Now that we’re all home, where does it end? Continue reading Screen Time = Non-Stop Work for Your Eyes

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Keeping an Eye on Sports Injuries

We don’t know about you, but we’re counting down the days until sports return. We long for the roar of a crowd, the crack of a bat, and buzz of a jumbotron. But believe it or not, our eyes might not miss sports as much as we do. According to a recent Harris Poll, the majority of American adults don’t know how common traumatic eye injuries are while playing sports without eye protection. Continue reading Keeping an Eye on Sports Injuries

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Player Profile: Professional Esports Athlete

Kurt Schray, a professional gamer, shared his day-to-day with us and how he fights back against screen time.

With the majority of people working remotely and increasing their time spent on screens, we were curious to know how someone who typically spends hours a day in front of digital devices deals with the day-to-day of excessive screen time. Kurt Schray, 28, from Leesburg, Virginia, is a competitive esports athlete. We asked him to share a bit about his experiences as a professional gamer, what symptoms he notices throughout his day, and how he tries to counteract his time spent on devices. Continue reading Player Profile: Professional Esports Athlete

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Digital Parenting Pros, Cons, and Solutions

Nobody said parenting was going to be easy, but with everything going digital, it seems like it’s becoming more difficult. From cyberbullying to simply spending too much time on screens, technology adds an additional concern for parents to consider, especially as most school-age children are now required to be behind a screen to complete homework due to COVID-19. With everything, including education, going online, it can be difficult to monitor children, both their amount of screen time and what they’re doing, causing parents to be more concerned than ever. Continue reading Digital Parenting Pros, Cons, and Solutions

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Eye Wellness for the Digital Workplace

March is Workplace Eye Wellness Month. According to EHSToday, This dedication is intended to “educate corporations and their employees on the importance of vision health, including warning signs of potential eye [health concerns] and safety tips on how to avoid vision-threatening eye accidents.” While eye injury may seem like a distant concern, it’s more common than many think. Continue reading Eye Wellness for the Digital Workplace