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Improving Patient Compliance Through Better Communication

Patient compliance can be a difficult thing to accomplish, but molding recommendations around patient motivations can help.

It’s safe to say that you and your patients have the same goal: keep them seeing their best for as long as possible. Though you give them your best recommendation, they don’t always follow your advice to a T.  It can sometimes feel like you’re the adult in a Charlie Brown cartoon. This type of defiance is frustrating, to say the least, but it’s also detrimental to their eye health. Steve Vargo, OD, MBA, shares his suggestion for improving patient compliance in an article for Optometric Management. Continue reading Improving Patient Compliance Through Better Communication

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7 Steps to Reduce Patient No-Shows

Patient no-shows are aggrivating, but we have 7 ways to help reduce them.Perhaps one of the most frustrating things practitioners experience is patient no-shows. These can not only throw off your practice schedule, but they can break down motivation and efficiency. Steve Vargo, OD, MBA, is an Optometric Practice Management Consultant for IDOC, and he shared a few suggestions with Optometric Management reviewing how fellow eye care professionals can reduce these pesky patient encounters, or should I say, lack thereof. Continue reading 7 Steps to Reduce Patient No-Shows