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Supplementation for Healthy Vision

Good vision

When it comes to our diets, most of us could afford to eat a little healthier. However, in the craziness that is life, it can be tough to get all the nutrients you need every day, especially for eye health. However, supplementation has made it easier than ever to get the exact amount of nutrients your eyes and body need to function at their best. Continue reading Supplementation for Healthy Vision

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Popular Eye Care Tool Linked to Cognitive Decline

When it comes to age-related eye health issues, your choice in care is limited. Early signs are typically met with a “watch and wait” mentality. Intermediate stages are cared for through nutritional supplementation (an AREDS 2 eye vitamin). When the eye health concern advances and there’s bleeding in the retina, the common care protocol is anti-VEGF injections delivered directly to the eye. While these injections help stop the bleeding and preserve vision, they have recently been linked to cognitive decline. Continue reading Popular Eye Care Tool Linked to Cognitive Decline

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Understanding the Eye-Brain Connection

Alzheimer's losing brain and memory function.

The eyes are often referred to as the windows to the soul. What many don’t realize is that they are also windows into our brain health. Our eyes and brain are deeply connected, and changes in the eyes can often indicate issues in the brain. Here’s why. Continue reading Understanding the Eye-Brain Connection

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What You Need to Know About Aging & Eye Health

Heraclitus, a famous Greek philosopher, once said, “The only constant in life is change.” This statement seems all-too-true when it comes to aging. There are many changes our bodies go through as we age. Some of the most common changes occur with vision, but not all visual changes that happen with age are “normal.” Continue reading What You Need to Know About Aging & Eye Health

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Supplementation for Aging Eyes

Our vision naturally changes as we age. At around 40 years of age, you may start to notice that seeing fine details, seeing in low light, and driving at night become more difficult. However, these vision changes don’t need to be part of your future. Now, you can support your aging eyes with nutrition and help keep your eyes seeing better for longer. Here are some of the nutrients you should be getting every day. Continue reading Supplementation for Aging Eyes

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EyePromise® In the News Vol. 2

EyePromise has been working hard to spread the importance of eye health and nutrition. In this effort, we’ve had some really great opportunities to share our message with organizations like Thrive Global, Vision Monday, and even Martha Stewart. Here are the highlights for each of our outreaches. Continue reading EyePromise® In the News Vol. 2

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Evolve Your AMD Protocol

Updating your AMD care protocol could be just the boost your practice needs.

As we all know, the only constant in life is change. Change is a necessary part of evolution, and your practices should be no different. For example, age-related macular degeneration (AMD) has been around for decades, and the care protocols haven’t been updated much in those years. However, Craig Bowen, OD, shared how he keeps his procedures fresh in an article for Review of Optometric Business and talks about why you should consider updating yours. Continue reading Evolve Your AMD Protocol

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Answering Your EyePromise Questions

EyePromise offers a wide variety of vitamins formulated to support eye health. However, we understand that you might have some questions about our products. We’re hear to answer a few commonly searched questions about ourselves. Continue reading Answering Your EyePromise Questions

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Living with Low Vision: There Are Options

Living with low vision is scary, but possible. Here's how.

Learning you have a detrimental eye health issue is a terrifying thing. Many people who learn that they’re facing vision loss or who start to experience vision loss often feel scared, lost, and even hopeless and depressed. However, there are several options to help those with vision loss continue to live their lives to their fullest potential. Continue reading Living with Low Vision: There Are Options