ONIT occasional dry eye study

Occasional Dry Eye

Patients in occasional dry eye study report improvements in as soon as a week!

People grappling with burning, itchy, irritated, or watering eyes now have a proven oral nutritional supplement available to them that starts rapidly relieving these symptoms. EyePromise EZ Tears was studied by leading occasional dry eye investigators in the Ocular Nutrition Impact on Tear Film (ONIT) clinic-based, research study.

The findings revealed that:

  • Patients began demonstrating improvement within one week.
  • Improvements continued to increase over time!
  • Participants experienced a 38% improvement in their occasional dry eye symptom survey scores.

Sixty-seven patients with clinically documented occasional dry eye participated in the eight-week, multi-center study.  Over the course of the study, participants ingested a daily dose, or two softgels, of EyePromise EZ Tears.  Patients were clinically assessed prior to supplementation as well as after week one, four, and eight.

Tests evaluated the front of the eye, or corneal surface, volume and quantity of tears, tear osmolarity, or the composition of the tear and eye lid inflammation.

Participants also completed the *Ocular Surface Disease Index (OSDI) assessment prior to supplement initiation and at each subsequent visit to document change of comfort and vision.  At the conclusion of eight weeks, participants experienced a 38% improvement in their OSDI scores.

“We attribute rapid onset of symptom relief and diagnostic improvement to the product’s formulation said Dr. Sean Mulqueeny, OD and Principle Investigator of the study.

EZ Tears is a doctor-recommended, science-based dietary supplement formulated to sooth occasional dry eye symptoms and improve contact lens comfort. Eye health and nutrition are interwoven. Because of this, nutrients like Omega-3’s and other ingredients can target occasional dry eye from the inside.eztearslogos2[1]

The ingredients in EyePromise formulations — and EZ Tears —  are of the highest quality and carefully chosen after significant diligence and research. EZ Tears’ proprietary formula contains nine ingredients meant to help moisturize the eye and improve the quality of tears produced.

The study’s findings align with former patient clinical trails conducted to assess the effectiveness of EZ Tears in two areas: severe occasional dry eye relief and contact lens comfort.

While taking the occasional dry eye supplement, 54 percent of patients experienced occasional dry eye symptom relief within two weeks and 75 percent felt relief in three weeks while 86 percent reported relief in four weeks.

Fifty-six percent of contact lens wearers felt improved contact lens comfort within two week while 82 percent reported improved comfort in three weeks, and 89 percent experienced enhanced comfort in four weeks.

Sixty-four percent of contact lens wearers reported that thanks to EZ Tears, they were able to wear their contact lenses an extra 2.2 hours a day.

EyePromise EZ Tears comes with an unconditional 30-day, money-back guarantee. We guarantee relief from occasional dry eye symptoms in 30 days or your money back!

* The 12-item OSDI questionnaire provides a rapid assessment of the symptoms of ocular irritation consistent with occasional dry eye and impact on vision-related functioning.