EyePromise® Screen Shield™ Teen – 1 Bottle Every Month Auto Refill (MPOD)

$18.99 / month with a 20-day free trial

EyePromise® Screen Shield™ Teen helps protect children’s eyes from the strained or tired feeling due to prolonged screen time. This chewable eye vitamin is:

  • Non-synthetic
  • Designed to be taken with a multi-vitamin
  • Doctor recommended
  • Formulated for children ages 4-17

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® Screen Shield™ Teen - 1 Bottle Every Month Auto Refill (MPOD) by EyePromise

Naturally Protects Against Screen Time Effects Like Headaches, Eye Strain, and Tired Eyes

Children are in front of digital screens almost as much as adults. In fact, kids age 6-12 spend 13+ hours per week on devices like computers, smartphones, and tablets. With so much of their homework being done digitally, it’s hard to tell them to take a break. Screen Shield Teen can help!

This once-a-day, fruit-punch flavored chewable is designed to help naturally defend children’s eyes from the effects of screen time. With all-natural ingredients like zeaxanthin and lutein, this leading eye health vitamin supports our source of vision and protects it from the effects of increased screen time.

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