See what your competition is missing.

Being able to see the details, even when no one else can, is how EyePromise vizual EDGE will help you stay at the top of your game. By supplementing your Zeaxanthin and Lutein intake, you help your eyes work faster and more efficiently, from the inside out.

Find your edge.


  • Speed

    Whether it’s a swing of the bat or a dive for the ball, you only have milliseconds to react when things are moving at 100 miles per hour. By accelerating visual processing speed, EyePromise connects your eyes, brain and body so you can respond in a fraction of the time.

  • Contrast

    Being able to see the spin on the ball as it comes your way helps you make the correct judgments in the field and at the plate. Improving your eye’s contrast with vizual EDGE makes it easier to distinguish the seams on curveballs, pop flies and line drives.

  • Light

    While sunglasses, eye black and the bill of your cap all work to block out the sun, the natural ingredients in EyePromise help guard your eyes from the inside out. From daylight to shadows, it’s easier to keep your eye on the ball every step of the way.

Incorporating EyePromise into my nutritional regimen has ultimately translated to better on-field performance for me.

— Neil Walker, Major League Baseball Player


  • Contrast

    The slightest variations have huge impacts on how your putt will break and where the ball will go. With EyePromise and a boost in contrast sensitivity, you can see all the bumps, twists and turns for a good read on every green.

  • Light sensitivity

    Sunny skies might make for a great day of golf, but they also make your eyes work overtime. While a good pair of sunglasses help shield your vision, the ingredients in EyePromise give your eyes an internal defense against the bright, blinding blue light from the sun.

  • Distance

    Focusing on the pin or a landmark hundreds of yards is a difficult task. Supporting your macular pigment with Zeaxanthin and Lutein can help you see farther and clearer through morning fog and afternoon haze.

I have been using EyePromise as a remedy for my dry eyes for a couple of years now. I no longer experience the constant watering or blurriness that used to plague me.

— DeWitt Weaver, Professional Golfer

Shooting Sports+

  • Contrast

    In competitive shooting, your performance relies on your ability to see a target, lock on and track it at any speed. EyePromise improves your eye’s natural contrast to help you get a clear look at clay, paper and steel targets alike.

  • Speed

    As targets fly through your field of vision, you have to be able to quickly recognize what’s coming and react. With a 20% increase in processing speed, EyePromise speeds up the connection between your eyes, your brain, and your ability to make a decision and act on it.

  • Distance

    Your accuracy depends on countless variables, from your breathing to the wind – but it all starts with seeing your target clearly. Zeaxanthin and Lutein support your eyes internally, allowing you to see in greater detail through both haze and fog.

I see it as an opportunity to gain a competitive edge over shooters who aren’t utilizing ocular nutrition.

— Alexander “AJ” Dupre, Olympic Hopeful Trap Shooter


  • Contrast

    Getting a good look at the ball during your opponent’s serve is vital for an effective return – and limiting the number of aces. With EyePromise, you give your eyes the ability to more clearly separate the ball from its surroundings, across every surface, day or night.

  • Light

    Hats and visors have little impact on helping you see the ball through sunshine and bright lights. Supplementing your diet with Zeaxanthin and Lutein can help by improving your eyes’ natural shading and minimize your sensitivity to light.

  • Speed

    With service speeds well above 100 mph, you only have milliseconds to react. By increasing your visual processing speed by 20%, EyePromise gives you a distinct advantage as you see the ball, detect where it’s heading and react – all in a fraction of a second.


  • Contrast

    For goalies and players alike, being able to track the puck is vital to being able to make a play. EyePromise improves contrast, helping your eyes decipher between skates, sticks and the puck from anywhere on the ice.

  • Glare

    Glare is everywhere for hockey players. EyePromise makes it easier to block out the unnecessary light and glare, even from freshly resurfaced ice and the glass around the rink.

  • Speed

    Your ability to respond as the puck races across the ice relies on your visual processing speed. EyePromise speeds up the communication between your eyes and brain, so you can respond faster and get there first.