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In the heat of competition, nothing is more important than your vision.

Professionals to weekend warriors, every athlete wants an edge over the competition.
To perform at your best when the game is on the line.
No matter what sport you play, what you can see makes all the difference.

If you’re not doing everything possible to maximize your vision you are behind the times.

— Neil Walker, Major League Baseball Player

I feel like the game has slowed down a bit for me. In a game like baseball, that is huge.

— Joey Gallo, Major League Baseball Player

As an athlete, I’m always looking to improve my game. EyePromise helped greatly with my on-field vision. I don’t know how I’d go back to playing without it.

— Tommy La Stella, Major League Baseball Player
tennis ball tennis player

Give your eyes the support they need.

Even with a performance diet, chances are you’re not giving your eyes the support they need to be their best. That’s why we created Vizual Edge. It’s the premier line of eye health supplements from EyePromise, national leaders in vision health and performance, and your edge to see better and react faster.*

  • Reduces

  • Glare
  • Light sensitivity
  • Eye stress
  • Occasional dry eye
  • Improves

  • Contrast
  • Processing speed
  • Reaction time
  • Night vision


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