Learning Resources

ZeaVision is committed to educating Eye Care Professionals and their patients about nutrition and eye health. We understand the importance of doctors’ responsibility to patients, and we want to:

  1. Make it easy for doctors to learn everything they can about nutrition and eye health
  2. Establish confidence in ZeaVision as a partner for the highest quality nutraceuticals and MPOD measurement technology


On this page, we have several learning resources that you can check out.

Eye Health Videos


The Importance of the Back of Your Eye


Glare and Driving Vision


Why EyePromise?


EyePromise and Zeaxanthin


QuantifEye Program on Higher Education TV


Zeaxanthin Dietary Gap


Visual Performance


Intrnal Sunglasses


EDGE TV with Terry Bradshaw


AREDS 2 Results


Dry Eye

Program Videos


EyePromise Programs


QuantifEye Program


EyePromise Dispenser Program


EyePromise Prescriber Program


QuantifEye Program on HEC-TV

Science Summary

PDF_LogoEyePromise Science Summary

Articles for Patients

PDF_LogoAMD Awareness
PDF_LogoBaby Boomers and Age-Related Eye Disease
PDF_LogoBaby Boomers and Driving Vision
PDF_LogoBaby Boomers and Internal Sunglasses
PDF_LogoProtecting and Enhancing Vision with Internal Sunglasses
PDF_Logo Blue Light and Eye Health
PDF_LogoDry Eye is More Common Than You Think
PDF_LogoDealing with Dry Eye
PDF_LogoLiving with Diabetes and Maintaining Healthy Vision
PDF_LogoNutrition for Eye Health As You Age
PDF_LogoHow Nutrition and Diet Affect Visual Performance


PDF_LogoEyePromise Overview Brochure
PDF_LogoEyePromise AMD Information Sheet 
PDF_LogoEyePromise Zeaxanthin Information Sheet
PDF_LogoEyePromise AREDS 2 Plus Information Sheet
 PDF_Logo Kemin Dietary vs. Meso-Zeaxanthin Information Sheet

Patient Brochures

PDF_LogoEyePromise AMD Patient Brochure
PDF_LogoEyePromise Restore Patient Brochure
PDF_LogoEyePromise AREDS 2 Plus Patient Brochure
PDF_LogoEyePromise Visual Performance Patient Brochure