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Kathy Ireland Features EyePromise®

Kathy Ireland is a world-renowned supermodel and business mogul. Her show on Fox Business and Bloomberg TV, Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®, is “the premier source for the latest business stories, offering viewers a glimpse into the thoughts and insights of some of the brightest minds in the industry today.” We’re honored to share that EyePromise was selected to be featured on this groundbreaking show for its visionary products and dedication to improving the world’s nutrition. Watch the full segment now! Continue reading Kathy Ireland Features EyePromise®

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EyePromise In the News Vol. 1

In case you missed it, EyePromise has been featured in the news a lot lately. We’re excited to share the following articles that include mentioning our company and our products. We’ve also included several interviews with EyePromise President Andreas Wolf, as well as EyePromise Scientific Advisory Board members. We hope you enjoy these as much as we do! Continue reading EyePromise In the News Vol. 1

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Our Story

Dennis Gierhart, PhD, talks about the founding of EyePromise.Leaning on a fence after graduating from high school in 1969, Dennis Gierhart looked up at the sky. Neil Armstrong had just landed on the moon – and happened to be from a town 2 miles away from Gierhart’s hometown of Lima, Ohio.

“I thought if somebody from just over the field over there is walking on the moon right now, you can do almost anything.” Continue reading Our Story