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Grape Seed Extract: What Is It Good For?

When it comes to nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, there seems to be no shortage of emerging trends. For centuries, people have utilized different fruits, vegetables, roots, and seeds to help with different ailments. One of those tools that have a wide variety of benefits is grape seed extract. Continue reading Grape Seed Extract: What Is It Good For?

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Alpha Lipoic Acid: Benefits & Side Effects

Nutrition seems to be an ever-changing industry. As more research is conducted, more and more nutrients and their benefits are being discovered. One such nutrient that has been gaining popularity over the last few years is alpha lipoic acid (ALA). From metabolic support to brain health, ALA can impact several aspects of health and everyday life. Continue reading Alpha Lipoic Acid: Benefits & Side Effects

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The Benefits of Benfotiamine

Vitamins are becoming a very popular way to fulfill nutritional needs. It’s becoming especially popular for those who may be deficient in one or more necessary nutrients. Sometimes, these supplements are derivatives of the actual vitamin or mineral, but because they are absorbed better by the body, they’re used to manage deficiencies. One example of this kind of supplement is benfotiamine. Continue reading The Benefits of Benfotiamine

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World Sight Day 2018

Imagine one morning, you wake up, open your eyes, and everything’s blurry. It’s hard to see the bedside table that’s next to your face. You reach to find your phone, but you can hardly see where it is. You flop your hand on the top of your table and run it along the surface until you feel your phone brush your fingertips. Grabbing it, you try to look at the time, but your phone is nearly 2 inches from your eyes before you can read it. Time to get ready for the day, but how are you going to manage that if it was this much of a struggle to know the time? Continue reading World Sight Day 2018

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Pycnogenol®: What Should You Know?

Pynogenol is a chemical compound that acts as a potent antioxidant.

In today’s health-conscious society, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients are becoming a popular addition to many people’s lifestyles. It seems like almost every other day, another “critical” ingredient is discovered, so it can be difficult to understand what each one does or if they really are necessary for good health. A phytochemical known as Pycnogenol® has been making its way into daily nutraceuticals, supplements, vitamins, and other applications, but what does it do? Continue reading Pycnogenol®: What Should You Know?

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Co-Managing Patients with Blood Glucose Control Issues

Diabetes affects over 30 million Americans.Blood glucose control is becoming a growing concern among many Americans. In fact, nearly 30.5 million people have issues with blood glucose, and even worse, one in four don’t know. Optometrists (ODs) can help with this statistic, though. Almost a quarter of patients who know they have trouble controlling their blood glucose levels were told so by an OD. Eye exams can help identify those patients at risk for or currently with blood glucose control issues, and ODs, primary care physicians (PCPs), and ophthalmologists (MDs) need to work cohesively to effectively manage these patients. Continue reading Co-Managing Patients with Blood Glucose Control Issues

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The Importance of Data Security in Your Practice

Practice data security is one of the last things considered when starting a practice, but maybe it should be one of the first.With everything that goes into running an optometry practice, data security can sometimes fall between the cracks. Cyber hacking has become such a problem in recent years, it’s necessary to spend some time to focus on this protection detail. Like a security system to protect the physical office building, having even the most basic security can keep your patients’ important information safe. Beyond cyber hackers, protection from privacy breaches within the practice is another piece of data security that should be considered. Continue reading The Importance of Data Security in Your Practice

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Let’s Talk Business with Samuel J. Baron, OD

Samuel J. Baron, OD, has built a lucrative private practice in Colorado and shared his optometry success tips.Samuel Baron, OD, is a practicing optometrist out of Colorado. A fellow of the American Academy of Optometry, Dr. Baron has special interests in contact lenses, children’s vision, and deaf patients. Continuing post-graduate education every year, he is constantly striving to improve himself and his patient care. We wanted to know what he thinks has helped propel him to the level of success he has found himself on.

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Continue reading Let’s Talk Business with Samuel J. Baron, OD

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Utilizing DiVFuSS and EyePromise DVS in Your Practice

Eye care professionals must remember that most patients with diabetes will be mostly symptom-free until serious damage is already done.It’s important to remember that the number of patients with blood glucose control issues continues to grow. Eye health concerns associated with high blood glucose are often symptom-free until the damage has already been done. While some options can save vision, they’re often expensive and invasive. Giving patients a more proactive way to protect their eyes can lead to more positive outcomes and a better quality of life. Continue reading Utilizing DiVFuSS and EyePromise DVS in Your Practice