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Sniper Instructor

Untitled-design-85-300x214[1]Testimonial: “I am an active duty member of the US military and currently serve as a sniper instructor. Our unit nutritionist provided me with a 30 day supply of EyePromise vizual Edge Pro to trial. Since I started taking it I’ve noticed improved contrast and clarity when identifying objects at a distance. Looking through magnified optics for a long period of time causes eye strain and the EyePromise has helped tremendously with lessening this strain. I’ve also noticed a reduction in glare. Normally I need to wear sun glasses even on cloudy days due to light sensitivity but not since I started taking EyePromise vizual Edge Pro.

As a sufferer of migraines I’ve also noticed a decrease from 2-4 per week to 3 migraines in a 4 week period. This was an unexpected benefit and I believe taking EyePromise vizual Edge Pro has contributed to this improvement because of my newfound ability to tolerate visual stimuli. EyePromise vizual Edge Pro is a great product and I highly recommend it.”

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Women Who Smoke At Higher Risk of Developing Age-Related Eye Health Issues

Woman smoking a cigaretteAccording to a recent study, women with a genetic predisposition for age-related eye health issues significantly increase their odds of developing the eye health problems if they smoke heavily, don’t exercise or don’t eat a balanced diet. Age-related eye health issues can cause severe vision loss in adults over the age of 55, affecting millions of Americans each year.  Continue reading Women Who Smoke At Higher Risk of Developing Age-Related Eye Health Issues