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The Effects of Screen Time for Kids

Even though some devices have learning qualities, parents are beginning to worry their kids' excessive screen time.As the holidays approach, there are many digital gadgets children may be asking for or receiving. Some of the more popular gifts include flat-screen TVs, tablets, phones, streaming devices (Firestick, Roku, Apple TV, etc.), and gaming systems. Even Fisher-Price is offering the Think & Learn Smart Cycle, which syncs with a tablet for kids to play learning games while they ride the attached stationary bike. While some of these devices add learning opportunities, most of them come with added screen time, which may be cause for concern. The effects of excessive screen time are usually considered when adults work on computers for 8+ hours a day, but parents are starting to notice their children’s symptoms. Continue reading The Effects of Screen Time for Kids

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What to Know About Resveratrol

Research discovers new compounds every day, and resveratrol benefits are still being investigated.

The number of nutrients in the world are nearly infinite. It seems like every other day, researchers discover another vitamin, mineral, antioxidant, chemical, etc. with possible benefits and side effects. One of the newer discoveries in our lifetimes is resveratrol, and its effects are still being researched. Continue reading What to Know About Resveratrol

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Age-Related Eye Health: Proactive vs. Reactive Care

While declining vision may happen with age, age-related eye health concerns doesn't have to be a part of growing old.With an aging population, it’s important for eye care professionals to know the changes that occur throughout the years. Declining vision is a typical side effect of aging, with patients noticing changes between the ages of 40 and 60 years old. While declining vision may be unavoidable, Dr. Raymond Brill knows that age-related eye health concerns don’t have to be part of the picture. Continue reading Age-Related Eye Health: Proactive vs. Reactive Care

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The Optometrist’s Role in the Diabetes Care Team

Every 15 minutes, someone loses their vision to complications from diabetes.

Diabetes is one of the most common, chronic health issues in the world, affecting nearly 30.5 million Americans. It’s also one of the leading causes of vision impairment. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, someone with diabetes loses visual function every 15 minutes. Continue reading The Optometrist’s Role in the Diabetes Care Team

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Grape Seed Extract: What Is It Good For?

When it comes to nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, there seems to be no shortage of emerging trends. For centuries, people have utilized different fruits, vegetables, roots, and seeds to help with different ailments. One of those tools that have a wide variety of benefits is grape seed extract. Continue reading Grape Seed Extract: What Is It Good For?

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The Power of Turmeric – By Sandra Young, OD

Turmeric & Ginger Tea©As winter approaches and the temperature falls, we have come to expect the onset of the hectic holiday season. Traveling, gathering with friends and family, keeping up with work, school, and other commitments – it all adds up to stress! Perhaps this is part of the reason it is not uncommon to get sick at this time of year. Why not bring the craziness down a notch this year with a steaming mug of tea? Especially with a tea that has nutritional properties to help your body and eyes meet their many demands. Continue reading The Power of Turmeric – By Sandra Young, OD