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Top 5 Reasons to Continue Taking EyePromise Eye Vitamins

Wondering why, or if, you should continue taking your EyePromise eye vitamins? We've got five reasons you'll want to keep in mind.Wondering why, or if, you should continue taking your EyePromise vitamins? We’ve got five reasons you’ll want to keep in mind.


1. Build your bank

No, eye vitamins are not a “quick fix”. Ingredients found in EyePromise eye vitamins take time to enter the blood stream and make their way to the eye.

You won’t see big benefits overnight. But, the nutrients found within EyePromise macular health formulations, as well as the ones found in EZ Tears, build over time, helping your body replenish nutritional stores.

2. Benefit your body

The special formulations within products like Restore, AREDS 2, DVS, and Vizual Edge not only give eyes the boost they need — the ingredients within these EyePromise products also benefit other organ systems. For example, while Zeaxanthin and Lutein both build macular pigment and protect photoreceptors within the retina, these antioxidants also promote healthy cognitive function, according to this recent study.

3. Boost your baseline

The eyes can perform at their peak when necessary stores of nutrients are plentiful. But patients who stop taking EyePromise eye vitamins usually revert to their “baseline” as the body uses up the supplies. Eventually, a patient’s visual performance returns to the quality he or she formerly experienced. This means someone who had difficulty driving at night or seeing in low light will encounter the same issues as before.

4. Reduce the Risk

People who cease supplementing their diet with the necessary nutrition will most likely discover their macular pigment optical density (MPOD) also decreases over time. Since this pigment protects the rods and cones, or photoreceptors within the retina, this means a greater likelihood of damage as a result of blue light exposure. This damage means their risk of developing age-related eye health issues will increase as well.

5. Safeguard your Savings

A report by Frost & Sullivan estimates an average, 972,000 medical events related to age-related eye health issues can be avoided each year through the use of lutein and zeaxanthin supplements at preventative intake levels.

According to this post, the report estimates that, “An average of $3.87 billion per year and a cumulative savings of $30.95 billion from 2013 to 2020 in avoidable health care utilization costs is potentially realizable if all U.S. adults over the age of 55 diagnosed with age-related eye health issues or cataract were to use lutein and zeaxanthin dietary supplements at protective levels.”

Why? As visual performance decreases, the likelihood of falls and other injuries increase. The likelihood of cataracts also increases.

The report also states that within the next seven years, an average of 4.8 million people, past the age of 55 will experience a costly age-related eye health issue or cataract event. Experts calculated, “Total cumulative health care costs related to age-related eye health issues among the target population will be more than $164.40 billion—an average annual cost of nearly $20.60 billion.”

So supplementing your diet with eye vitamins can lead to less trouble — financially and physically down the road!

Learn how to get the most out of your eye vitamin here! 


10 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons to Continue Taking EyePromise Eye Vitamins

  1. It was suggested to me to start taking Eye Promise Restore by my Optometrist a few years ago. My last checkup was deemed excellent and I will continue to take Eye Promise daily, and hopefully, I can expect good checkups in the future. Obviously, Eye Promise does what it advertises and is good for my eye health. Good job Eye Promise!!

  2. My ophthalmologist recommended I start taking Eye Promise several years ago. I’m confident they are helping. At my eye exam last month, the doctor was very pleased.

  3. I have been taking Eye Promise for several years. My optometrist encouraged it and so I did. He suggested taking two pills instead of 1, like he did, so I started doing that about a year or 2 ago. My eyes are doing well–no problems, so I will continue to take it. I am 86 years old. Sincerely, Gloria A. Fern

  4. Many yrs ago when I was living in the Ozarks, I had my annual eye exam done in Mtn. View by Dr. Ream. I am now nearly 86 & she suggested that I take Eye Promise Restore to support my vision which was still good 12 yrs ago. I have a maternal family history of macular degeneration–mother & grandmother both blind at 65. Neither had regular eye checkups nor vision supplements. Dr. Ream gave me a bottle of Eye Promise Restore & I have continued taking them every day. I now live in Independence & have had 2 eye doctors in the 12 yrs. & both were impressed with my visual health, no MD, no Glaucoma, no cataracts & are always enthusiastic to see the Eye Promise that I take with me to my annual checkup. As a walking, talking advertisement for Eye Promise, I am now starting into the fifth year wearing the same pair of glasses that were made in March, 2015. It has saved me a lot of money to use Eye Promise daily & I am glad to say that this last checkup in April, 2019, showed no signs of MD, glaucoma, or cataracts. It is convenient to order them by phone & mail delivery. Thank you for your excellent produce. I give Eye Promise all the credit for my good eye checkups & eye health.

  5. Love your product, have been taking several years.

  6. I have taken Restore for years. I had the very beginnings of age-related eye health issues in my right eye. My wonderful Optometrist suggested using Restore twice a day to take of the problem. Restore did what was needed. I now have normal vision. Yippee!

  7. Receive a monthly shipment of Eye Promise Zeaxanthin + Lutein since 2016. Age-related eye health issue has not changed. Thank you for the product.

  8. Thanks for your prompt service. My Opthalmologist suggested I take Eye Promise.

  9. My optometrist has had me on this AREDs 2 Zinc Free vitamin for several years. She tried me on another product, but it made me sick. She then gave me the information to order it on line instead of obtaining it through her office.

  10. My Optometrist is adamant regarding me taking Ared 2 Zinc-free.
    I have Macular degeneration.
    Thank you for your prompt and courteous service every time I order.

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