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Inside Vizual Edge Pro: A look at “The Big 10”

pills-1Walking into a supplement store can be intimidating. With thousands of bottles staring at you from walls of supplements, where do you start? The answer to that isn’t where — you need to know what is in supplements first.

To play at their best, athletes need to perform and keep themselves healthy. Choosing the best eye supplement for an athlete is as important as knowing exactly what’s in them. Vizual Edge PRO is an NSF Certified for Sport supplement, with natural ingredients like:

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No other eye vitamin on the market has more zeaxanthin, an essential eye nutrient, than Vizual Edge PRO. Zeaxanthin, a sort of “internal sunglasses” that protects our vision from blue light and sun-exposure, is found in the macula of our eyes, but our bodies cannot produce it. In the American diet, zeaxanthin is scarce, so supplementation is needed. Zeaxanthin is a superior photo-protectant and antioxidant due to its chemical structure. It is primarily found in the central part of the macula, and low levels of this vital nutrient are associated with increased risk of developing Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD).  For athletes, this means increased visual performance in bright day games, less issues with glare, and can help with contrast-sensitivity.


This is primarily found in the peripheral part of the macula, an important photo-protectant that helps filter damaging blue light as it enters the eye. A healthy fovea contains a ratio 2:1 zeaxanthin and lutein. This nutrient serves as the second component of nature’s internal sunglasses.

Omega-3 (fish oil)

Fatty acids (as found in fish) are a vital and seriously under-consumed nutrient­­–significant. The ingredient Omega-3 has been clinicially show to support the structural components of tissues’ cell membranes throughout the body–especially the brain and in the retina. 

Vitamin D3

Known as the “sunshine vitamin, Vitamin D3 offers a host of benefits — from modulating immune system function and supporting joints/muscles — to supporting bone-building function.

Vitamin C

A major antioxidant nutrient, Vitamin C strengthens blood vessels, aids in iron absorption, and is required for the synthesis of collagen, the intercellular “cement” which holds tissues together. Vitamin C is supportive of the healing process and supports the immune system.

Vitamin A (as retinyl palmitate)

Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin (absorbed by the body with the help of fats) for corneal surface health; mucosal, conjunctival, meibomiam, and lacrimal gland health; major importance in the mucous layer of tear production.

Vitamin E

This powerful, fat soluble antioxidant has been shown to preserve eye health. According to this article, “Vitamin E helps alleviate fatigue and strengthen capillary walls while nourishing the cells.”


This nutrient is very important in human metabolism­: more than 100 specific enzymes require Zinc for their catalytic function. Zinc offers a variety of advantages from immune system supports to protection from night blindness and cataract prevention.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

This is a powerful antioxidant that works most effectively in synergy with Vitamins C & E to fight free radicals to help maintain a healthy immune system and vision.

Mixed Tocopherols

These, along with Vitamin E, plays a significant role in systemic adjustments and contains important compounds related to Vitamin E and found in the human diet, eye, and brain.

These ten ingredients work together to help increase your performance in your sport to help you react faster, see better, and play to your peak level. Knowing what’s in your vitamin — especially when it comes to gauging the best eye supplements — can completely change your game!

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