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Are You Scared To Drive At Night?

Night driving factsMost Americans alter their driving habits during darkness. According to the 2014 Toluna and EyePromise study, precautions taken when driving in the dark include:

  • Four in ten (42%) respondents say they drive more slowly than usual
  • 30% say they only drive in familiar areas or on well-lit roads
  • 25% say they limit the length of their trips.

In fact, in order to avoid driving in the dark, about one-quarter (24%) of respondents say they have someone else drive!

No one wants to live a life that becomes more restrictive as we age!

Science shows that incorporating a zeaxanthin and lutein eye vitamin into one’s diet can improve contrast while driving at night, reduce glare, improve recovery time and improve reaction time. Trace amounts of these nutrients can be found in leafy green vegetables, eggs, corn and orange peppers. However, knowing that the typical American diet does not include large amounts of foods with zeaxanthin and lutein, the best option is choosing a natural eye vitamin with high amounts of these nutrients.

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