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Kathy Ireland Features EyePromise®

Kathy Ireland is a world-renowned supermodel and business mogul. Her show on Fox Business and Bloomberg TV, Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®, is “the premier source for the latest business stories, offering viewers a glimpse into the thoughts and insights of some of the brightest minds in the industry today.” We’re honored to share that EyePromise was selected to be featured on this groundbreaking show for its visionary products and dedication to improving the world’s nutrition. Watch the full segment now!

EyePromise President Andreas Wolf and Scientific Advisory Board member Dr. Louise Sclafani flew out to Santa Barbara, CA, to join Kathy Ireland in-studio for an interview to talk eye health, nutrition, and how EyePromise has adapted to the everchanging world. We sat down with Andreas and asked him about his experience.

Why Did Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® and EyePromise Partner for This Segment?

Both Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® and EyePromise have a commitment to improving health and wellness. This focus on health advocacy is more important now than ever. Research shows that many debilitating and life-long health issues can be seen first in our eyes. Taking care of our eye health with scientifically formulated nutritional supplements can have a positive impact on our health, and EyePromise is the leading provider of nutritional supplements that support eye health.

Partnerships like the one formed with Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® validate and accelerate our mission of helping people live life to its potential by providing science-based nutritional support for healthy vision while making a positive impact on our world.

How Was the Experience of Filming at the Studio?

It was an overall great experience filming at the studio. Who knew it took about 30-40 people to put a talk show together! The crew was organized, very friendly, and efficient. Both Louise and I had a pre-brief of what to expect in preparation for and during taping, then went to makeup followed by sound checks, then finally a dry run in front of the cameras to make sure it all worked.

Following that, we were introduced to Kathy Ireland who couldn’t have been nicer and was particularly interested in what EyePromise was all about. We gave her some of our products for her and her family, which she was excited to try.

What Was It Like for You and Dr. Sclafani to Be Interviewed by Kathy Ireland?

Somewhat surreal. Growing up she was one of the top models in the world, so it was great to actually get to meet and spend time with her during the filming. She is highly accomplished. Following her modeling career, she has built quite an impressive media empire and has interviewed many business leaders.

Kathy was so interested in how our different eye vitamins help so many people. She was so excited that the taping of the segment actually went long as she improvised and asked additional questions outside of the prepared ones. She liked that EyePromise is heavily science-based, that many professional athletes take our products, and that we are the Official Eye Vitamin of the Boston Red Sox.

Dr. Sclafani provided a lot of insights from an eye care professional’s perspective and ended up going into detail regarding the science of how our products help with natural protection against blue light and screens. Kathy was particularly interested in our Screen Shield™ line of products for her and her kids.

What Do You Hope People Get Out of the Segment?

I hope people find it informational and become more familiar with EyePromise, its products, and its mission. We demonstrate how we work to be the best partner to anyone in the eye care space and develop science-based products that truly benefit people who use them. Our products are clinically proven to support eye health for:

Watch the full segment!