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Importance of an Online Retail Presence for Optometry Practices

As an OD, you need to know the importance of having an online retail option, especially in today's environment.

As a practicing physician, it’s your preference to see your patients in the office: nothing can replace a face-to-face conversation, your patients receive better care, and you get a better understanding of what’s going on with their eyes. However, the recent COVID pandemic has demonstrated the need to be agile and tech-savvy in today’s healthcare needs. One OD out of Texas had already implemented an online shopping option for her patients before the shutdown, but she didn’t realize how critical that resource would become.

Online Optometry

In an article for Women in OptometryDr. Jane Strong notes her online contact lens sales as a “saving grace” during the COVID-19 quarantine. While she was still seeing emergency cases, she was able to keep most of her staff working at least part-time to help the rest of her patient base get what they need in the safest, most efficient way possible. This online contact lens portal allows her patients to order online through her website and have their contacts shipped directly to their door. This saves her staff multiple steps, it saves her practice money on inventory, and it saves her patients the trip to the office.

Changing Habits

Although COVID-19 was a catalyst that forced her patients and her staff to adopt the new technology, it wasn’t easy to get them to change their routines. However, since the shutdown, both staff members and patients have begun to accept and appreciate the convenient online option. Her staff has also become more efficient with the program, and they can better explain its benefits and how it works to patients.

Limit Retail Confusion

Often, patients believe they can find cheaper, comparable options elsewhere. Dr. Strong says that her online lens portal helps solve this issue, as well. Her patients like to “shop around,” but when they go through her site and see how seamless the process is and that the prices are competitive, they tend to buy through her.


Ultimately, this online contact lens portal simplifies her practice for both staff and patients. Not only can patients go to the site, click a few buttons, and have their contacts delivered to them in a few days, but her staff cuts down their time both at the front desk and in the optical lane. Having an online option saves everyone time, money, and headaches!

EyePromise Auto RefillEyePromise Auto Refill is a simple, convenient, safe way for patients to get their recommended eye vitamins.

There are many similarities between vitamins and contact lenses, specifically in purchasing. EyePromise Auto Refill is the vitamin equivalent of Dr. Strong’s contact lens portal. It works similarly in the fact that either patients or staff can go online and order the recommended vitamins. It’s a simple link saved to your browser or installed as a shortcut on the front desk computer, so it’s easy for all staff members to access. Once in, simply select the recommended EyePromise vitamin and proceed through the order.

Like the lens portal, this eCommerce extension of the practice saves everyone time and money. There is no need for inventory, no need for waiting until the next shipment arrives at practice, and no need to remember to order every month. That’s right – EyePromise Auto Refill is an automatic shipment option that sends patients their recommended vitamin every 3 or 6 months based on their last order (including the one in your practice). This service can be canceled or postponed at any time.

This eCommerce site can be set up within minutes and comes at no cost to you as an EyePromise partner. Additionally, patients receive the first bottle of their first shipment free when they order through the practice. Recent events have made it clear that for lasting practice success, there needs to be an online, at-home delivery system and EyePromise Auto Refill is the risk-free answer.

Call EyePromise Customer Support at 866-833-2800 to set up Auto Refill for your practice or learn more here.