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How Obesity Damages Vision

Bad-news-doc-appointment-small-300x200According to the National Obesity Foundation, 35% of Americans are obese today, and 70% are overweight. Because of this, Americans are now spending $254 billion a year in premature mortality and medical care.

Our weight is connected to virtually all of our other body parts. Heart disease, depression and risk of stroke are all consequences of obesity. Knowing this, it’s not surprising to know that carrying too much weight can compromise healthy vision.

By being overweight or obese, it’s easy for the blood vessels in your eyes to be damaged due to too much pressure. These vessels are extremely delicate, and can easily be harmed. The higher your Body Mass Index (BMI), the more likely you are to develop eye health issues.

There is evidence of obesity being linked to age-related eye health issues, which can lead to blindness. Poor nutrition can lead to eye health problems, as opposed to proper nutrition, which builds strong macular pigment that protects your vision. If you don’t eat healthy foods (rich in zeaxanthin and lutein), or at least take eye vitamins, you’re much more likely to develop eye health issues.

Obesity can also put you at risk for developing cataracts. All About Vision states that cataracts are the principal cause of blindness in the world and there are more cases of cataracts worldwide than there is glaucoma, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy.

Health After 50 (with the Scientific American) states that, “Although the reason for the link between obesity and cataracts is unclear, researchers believe that maintaining a proper weight may reduce cataract formation by decreasing blood glucose levels, or by improving the antioxidant properties of the blood.”

The bottom line is that obesity is not just being overweight: it can cause numerous health problems. This means that whatever you can do keep your weight in a healthy range is completely worth it.

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