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4 Common Signs of Aging Vision

Did you know that our vision is one of the first senses affected by aging? Differences in your vision can seem sudden, but they actually occur gradually as time passes. The best way to protect your vision from age-related eye health issues is to pay attention to subtle changes in your vision.


Four common signs of aging vision you may notice can include:

  1. Sensitivity to bright light or glare: If you find yourself becoming more uncomfortable driving at night because of glare from oncoming traffic and road signs, it could be a sign of aging vision. Another common sign of aging vision is feeling like the sun is too bright during the day to drive.
  2. Reduced vision in low light situations: If you find it more difficult to read in a room with ambient lighting or have difficulty waking in rooms with little light, you could have age-related eye health issues. Older people need 2-3 times more light to read than when they were younger.
  3. Color perception: Colors may seem duller, and contrast between colors will seem less noticeable. It may also become difficult to tell where an object ends and where its background begins, making it difficult to see curbs or steps.
  4. Occasional dry eye: Occasional dry eye occurs because our tear quality deteriorates with age. We may produce enough tears, but just not enough to keep the eye moist. Symptoms of occasional dry eye include itching, burning sensations, and excess tearing when going from indoors to outdoors.

Getting older doesn’t mean the quality of your vision will inevitably decrease. Adding an eye vitamin to your daily routine can help protect your vision from these common signs of age-related eye health issues.


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