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4 Benefits of OptiBerry

One ingredient is taking the market by storm: OptiBerry. This proprietary blend of berries has many benefits while promoting healthy vision.One ingredient is taking the market by storm: OptiBerry.

OptiBerry is a very distinct blend of berry powders and extracts. This proprietary blend includes wild blueberry, strawberry, cranberry, wild bilberry, elderberry and raspberry. OptiBerry has many benefits while promoting healthy vision:


OptiBerry has many benefits that promote healthy vision.

1. Anthocyanins

Anthocyanins — This gives the red, purple and blue colors to many fruits and vegetables — not only promote eye health health but protect the body from various diseases.

According to the Boston Foundation for Sight, “Anthocyanins can protect the retina from oxidative stress and can be beneficial for multiple eye conditions such as age-related eye health issues, myopia and eye infections.”

2. Antioxidants

According to InterHealth, OptiBerry protects the entire body with antioxidants. Compared to 20 other berry blends and grapeseed extract, OptiBerry has a greater antioxidant affect on the body. It also helps protect the heart.

3. Skin Health

OptiBerry helps prevent varicose veins and wrinkles more than other berry blends on the market. It also has soothing affects on the skin, fighting against red and irritated skin.

4. Gut Health

OptiBerry has several components that help fight against gastrointestinal disorders.

Along with promoting healthy vision, OptiBerry also supports cardiovascular health, blood sugar, brain function, urinary tract health, and skin health.

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  1. I have been on Eye Promise for two years. I just had my yearly eye exam and my eyes have improved. My
    doctor was very impressed because this is very unusual for someone 75 years old. The fish oil in EyePromise
    also helps with cholesterol issues.

  2. Hi a friend of mine recommended I take optiberry. I have glaucoma i my left eye, I have been getting viruses,gastrointestinal virus, colds just to name a few. Would you recommend it and where can I buy it.

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