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EyePromise® In the News Vol. 2

EyePromise has been working hard to spread the importance of eye health and nutrition. In this effort, we’ve had some really great opportunities to share our message with organizations like Thrive Global, Vision Monday, and even Martha Stewart. Here are the highlights for each of our outreaches.

Has Your Screen Time Increased During COVID-19?

If you feel like screens are a constant, you’re not alone. Our Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) member Louise Sclafani, OD, talks with Thrive Global about the impact this increase in screen time can have on our health. Thrive Global aims to go beyond raising awareness and create something real and tangible that would help individuals, companies, and communities improve their well-being and performance and unlock their greatest potential.

Innovations in Tech, Health, and Sustainability to be featured on This Week’s LIVE Stream Episode of Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®!

We had the pleasure of flying out to California to join Kathy Ireland and her crew for a feature on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland! We talked about nutrition, eye health, and screen time. Check out the full interview:

EyePromise Vitamin Eases Screen Time Eye Issues for Kids

Our Screen Shield™ Teen product was featured in Vision Monday’s LaunchPad, where they explained why this particular vitamin is so important. Vision Monday is operated by Jobson Healthcare Information, a premier healthcare information, education, and marketing services provider that works within a variety of growing healthcare markets such as pharmacy, eye care, and clinician (physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants).

EyePromise Partners with Vitamin Angels to support Vulnerable Mothers and Children Across the Globe

Our partnership with Vitamin Angels made it onto Red Latina’s site! We’re proud of the difference we’ve helped make by working with such an awesome organization. Red Latina is the leading bilingual newsletter in the St. Louis area and strives to create relevance and a connection between local businesses and the Latin community.

EyePromise Vitamin Aids Eyes’ Natural Blue Light Protection

Another LaunchPad feature! This time, they share details about EyePromise Screen Shield Pro, our adult screen time formula.

Holistic Eye Care: How To Get Started With Your Patients

This one is for our eye care partners! Our SAB member Dorothy Hitchmoth, OD, FAAO, ABO, ABCMO Diplomat, shared her expertise in holistic eye care and gave tips on how to get this kind of eye care started in your practice in an article for Women In Optometry. This publication is a business & lifestyle publication that shares eye care professional information from the uniquely female perspective.

Better Eye Protection With EyePromise Screen Shield ProMadeline of Everyday Product and Lifestyle Reviews shared her thoughts about Screen Shield Pro!

Madeline of Everyday Life Product Reviews tried our Screen Shield Pro formula and loved it! She shared her experience with her followers on Instagram and wrote a review of our vitamin for her website. She started her lifestyle and product review website to give people like you an insight into the products she recommends.

Visual Performance in Sports: Assessment, Training and Improvement

Another article for our ODs! Another SAB member, Graham Erickson, OD, FAAO, FCOVD, shared his expertise in sports vision with OpthalmologyWeb, an informative, educational, and dynamic site for eye care professionals to expand their knowledge base and practice.

The same article can be found on OptometryWebInsights Into Sports and Visual Performance

People On the Move: Rhonda Soest

Our new Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Rhonda Soest, was featured in St. Louis Business Journal’s People On the Move In St. Louis section. The journal focuses on the latest breaking business news updated daily.

EyePromise® – Screen Shield™ Pro

The Daily Goodie Box chose to include EyePromise Screen Shield Pro in one of their shipments, and we were over the moon! The Daily Goodie Box is a great way for people to try out a bunch of different products and give real-time feedback about them. The name of the game is honesty!

Eye experts recommend 20-20-20 rule for virtual students

As basically all of life went virtual because of COVID-19, including school, one of our local news stations in St. Louis, MO, KMOV News 4 spoke with Dr. Louise Sclafani about what impact she sees this increase having on children.

EyePromise Intros New Vizual Edge™ ChewablesEyePromise Vizual Edge Chewable and Vizual Edge Pro were both featured on Vision Monday's LaunchPad.

Another Vision Monday LaunchPad feature! This time, they talked about our Vizual Edge Chewable vitamin, which is our adult chewable formula designed to help athletes and everyday people support and enhance their vision without needing to swallow a pill.

EyePromise Launches Vizual Edge Pro

Vision Monday must love us! They featured another one of our vitamins! EyePromise Vizual Edge Pro was featured, which is our elite formula for professional, collegiate, and Olympic athletes looking for an edge.


Dr. Graham Erickson was interviewed by Gaming Industry News (GIN) to talk about the impact that the accumulation of screen time from gaming can have on the eyes. GIN is the oldest continuously running online publication with an exclusive video-game focus, and they publish independent reviews, editorials, news, stock market reports, interviews, and podcasts.

Stroke Risk & Eye Health: How to Manage Other Health Issues During The Pandemic

During one of the podcasts for RadioMD, our VP of Sales and Marketing Rhonda Soest shared a few tips on maintaining eye health during this unprecedented pandemic. RadioMD focuses on featuring the nation’s top medical, health, and wellness organizations, to help listeners focus on staying healthy, staying strong, living a more happy and healthful life, feeling their best.

Eye Strain in Kids

Our very own Dr. Sclafani is featured in another article! Written by Ann Levelle of Chesapeake Family Life, this piece also focuses on kids, screen time, and the increase in reported eye strain and related symptoms. Chesapeake Family Life puts an enormous emphasis on giving back to its community.

Are You Experiencing More Eye Strain Than Ever Before? The Coronavirus Pandemic Is Likely the CauseMartha Stewart Health and Wellness

Rebecca Norris from Martha Stewart shared another screen time-related article. Interviewing experts like Dr. Dorothy Hitchmoth of our Scientific Advisory Board, she dug into the connection between the increase in eye strain and quarantine and how to alleviate it.