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EyePromise Goes Live On ESPN

If you’re an avid sports fan and from the St. Louis area, you’ve likely heard the voice of Danny Mac, also known as Dan McLaughlin. He is the play-by-play voice of the St. Louis Cardinals, and he has a podcast on ESPN Radio called Scoops with Danny Mac. On his show, he talks about baseball, football, hockey, and everything sports.

Recently, EyePromise® co-founder and Chief Science Officer Dr. Dennis Gierhart had the pleasure of joining Danny Mac on his podcast to talk sports performance and eye health. Listen now!

Interview Recap

While in the studio with Danny Mac, Dr. Gierhart explained how EyePromise (then ZeaVision) got started in sports. For the first 10 years, the organization focused mostly on partnering with eye care professionals. While this is still part of the company mission, Gierhart and the team wondered what kind of application nutrition and eye health could have for an athlete.

Sports Affiliations

From there, EyePromise began partnering with many different sports on collegiate, professional, and Olympic levels. A proud partner of the Arizona Fall League and the official eye vitamin of the Boston Red SoxEyePromise has established a name in sports for its expertise in eye health and nutrition science. Additionally, EyePromise performance vitamins are NSF Certified for Sport, so athletes don’t have to worry about any banned substances showing up in their supplements.

In 2015, EyePromise partnered with the University of Georgia Atlanta (UGA) to conduct several studies testing how supplementation with an EyePromise vitamin could impact young healthy adults’ vision. The participants experienced improvements in light sensitivity, contrast, visual acuity, glare, and diminished visual discomfort.

Athletes often wonder how long it will take for them to see results. People supplementing will often notice changes after 3-4 months. The main comments heard by athletes include: 

  • The light isn’t bothering their eyes as much.
  • The transition from shadow to light is easier and faster.
  • Glare isn’t as bad anymore.
  • They can pick up the spin of a baseball, and “the game’s starting to slow down.” Their visual processing speeds increased, meaning they see, determine, and react quicker.

Solutions for Everyday

For those of us who aren’t professional athletes, Dr. Gierhart and EyePromise came up with an everyday formulation for the average adult and teen. Screen Shield™ Pro and Screen Shield TeenEyePromise’s newest line of vitamins is designed to help support our eyes while we spend time on screens. Since the pandemic, many of us feel our screen time has more than doubled, making EyePromise’s Screen Shield Line more relevant than ever.

In the end, Dr. Gierhart has one mission for EyePromise: to make a difference in people’s lives. Whether you’re looking for a competitive edge or more nutritional support for your screened-out eyes, EyePromise has a vitamin for you.

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