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Occasional Dry Eye and Nutrition: Find Relief from Itchy and Irritated Eyes

Do your eyes feel itchy or scratchy? Do your eyes sting or burn? If so, you might be suffering from symptoms of occasional dry eye.

According to Sean Mulqueeny, OD, of Mulqueeny Eye Centers who has been treating patients with occasional dry eye for more than 23 years, there are a number of misconceptions surrounding this health issue.

“Most patients believe that occasional dry eye is just a fact of life; an unavoidable part of aging and that it’s not a treatable condition…this simply isn’t the case anymore, says Mulqueeny. “The key for patients is that they ask questions. ‘Can you help me with my occasional dry eye?’”

That’s where the St. Louis optometrist (and his staff), come in.

“It’s up to me, and my staff, to educate patients. We tell them this is something we can treat, that there are many ways we can go about making their lives better,” he says then adds, “We have all kinds of options that we didn’t have even five years ago.”

But, it’s up to patients to initiate the dialogue about their irritated eyes.

“Most doctors won’t see many the signs, especially in a younger patient but there might be symptoms we can treat,” he says.

In fact, a patient can have signs of occasional dry eye but no symptoms. Patients can also have symptoms but no visible sign of the condition. That’s why communication with your doctor is so important. One tool Mulqueeny often reaches for within his occasional dry eye arsenal is the EyePromise supplement, EZ Tears.

EZ Tears is an occasional dry eye and contact lens comfort formula with 8 soothing ingredients to attack occasional dry eye from the inside. Since eye health is a systemic process and needs to be addressed within the body, the nutrients within the formula provide symptom relief and improve tear composition.

“EZ Tears separates itself from other products because it not only has Omega 3s – it has multiple properties to soothe the irritation,” Mulqueeny says. “I’ve treated patients for occasional dry eye for a long time. But what I haven’t seen is a product like this one. I find patients respond quickly.”

Occasional dry eye and nutrition go hand-in-hand. Findings from one study revealed 54% of EZ Tears users experienced relief of symptoms in as rapidly as two weeks. Seventy-five percent of users reported relief as soon as three weeks. Eighty-six percent of users felt relief in four weeks.

Learn more about how to find relief from occasional dry eye in the ebook below.



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