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World Sight Day 2017

World Sight DayWe don’t often think about the importance of the 5 senses. It takes no effort to hear the alarm go off in the morning, slip on fluffy slippers, smell coffee brewing, taste breakfast, and see what the day will bring you. Because they take little to no thought to utilize, the senses are often taken for granted.

Yet, many wouldn’t know what to do if they lost any of these critical sensory receivers, specifically, the sense of sight. In fact, the majority of Americans fear losing their vision more than cancer or AIDS, and nearly 45% of the country has some form of vision loss. To raise awareness for this growing problem, the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness coordinated World Sight Day.

World Sight Day

This year, we recognize Thursday, October 12th, as the 11th annual World Sight Day (WSD). Created as part of the VISION 2020 Global Initiative, this year’s call-to-action is Make Vision Count.World Sight Day Challenge

In honor of WSD, Optometry Giving Sight organizes a major fundraising event called the World Sight Day Challenge. The money raised goes towards programs that build vision centers and provide services for those who lack access to basic eye care (glasses, eye exams, etc.). With the natural disasters plaguing the world as of late, this cause is more crucial than ever.

The 2017 World Sight Day Challenge supports Our Children’s Vision. 80% of what children learn throughout their younger years is absorbed through their sense of sight, yet children across the globe are without effective, sustainable eye care. This initiative is set on ensuring routine vision care is available to children of any economic status or location.

How to Participate

Optometry Giving Sight accepts donations on or before October 12. You can also get involved in the following ways:

Optometry Practices:

  • Donate a day of eye exam fees in OctoberHappy Optometrist-Patient Relationship
  • Donate a portion of every frame sale or eye exam in October
  • Encourage patients to donate
  • Hold an in-practice fundraising event(s)

Optical Companies:

  • Host a staff-led fundraising event
  • Encourage staff and customers to donate in October

EyePromise® will host a chili cook-off, raffles, and other fundraisers along with employee donations to contribute to the World Sight Day Challenge.


EyePromise has raised $49,681 for the organization to date.

Optometry Students:

  • Hold a fundraising event

Making a Difference

Here are a few examples of how our donations can make an impact:

  • $250 – provides access to vision screening and correction for 50 children
  • $500 – trains teachers to conduct visual acuity tests in classrooms
  • $1,000 – provides vision screening and referrals for a whole school
  • $1,500 – helps governments develop policies that require eye health programs in schools

Help those in need see a better quality of life. Donate now!

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