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Work smarter: Why incorporate nutritional supplements into a practice

Stand out from the competition: incorporate nutritional supplements into a practiceOptometrists today face a number of hurdles in their quest to serve patients while growing a practice. competition from online retailers, “Big Box” stores, and a saturated market could overwhelm any OD.

Some practices respond by adding more staff, offering discounts, longer hours to accommodate patient schedules, and offering discounts. Many others offer more promotions and expand their marketing efforts

But what if there was a way to work smarter?

“The good news is that in the face of challenge comes opportunity,” said Laurie Capogna, OD, and the author of the book, Eyefoods: A Food Plan for Healthy Eyes.

eyefoodsThe book is the creation of Dr. Capogna and another optometrist, Barbara Pelletier. Through their daily interactions with patients, both optometrists saw the need for a way to educate people regarding the benefits of good nutrition and vision. Developed over months of research, Eyefoods is a tool to encourage patients and the public to discover the power that certain foods have to prevent eye disease.

Since Dr. Capogna is so passionate about nutrition, she offers ocular nutrition and counseling in her practice.  Why?

“Because it is a proactive way to offer your existing patients the best medical care and value without discounting your services and products,” she said. “It gives your patients a sense of empowerment because rather than just focusing on treatment, you’re educating patients and helping them to be proactive.”

Dr. Capogna views the decision to incorporate nutritional counseling in her practice as not only as a natural path toward offering patients the ultimate in eye care, but also a good business decision.

“Would you rather spend more money attracting new patients with discounts and promotions, or gain more trust with your existing patients who now spend more money with you and also, ultimately send you more referrals?”

This line of thought has paid off.

“Since I’ve been incorporating nutrition into my practice, I can say that it has improved my relationships with patients, increased my referrals and credibility as well as ultimately grown my business.

Last spring, Dr. Capogna and Zeavision teamed up to offer the webinar, “Integrating Nutritional Supplements into an EyeCare Practice.”

Discover the step-by-step process on how you can create an incredible annuity for your practice.

Watch the recorded webinar.