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When to Recommend EyePromise® Vizual Edge™ Chewable

EyePromise® has a comprehensive line of eye vitamins formulated for AMD and AMD risk, occasional dry eye, eye health related to diabetes, screen time, and athletic performance. With all these choices, it can be difficult to know which is the best for your patients. Furthermore, what if your patients have difficulty with or don’t like taking softgels/pills? We have the answer.

Introducing Vizual Edge™ Chewable

EyePromise Vizual Edge Chewable is a one-a-day chewable eye health formula that delivers high-quality ingredients for improved eye health and visual performance. Its NSF Certified for Sport formula is commonly taken by athletes of all calibers, including at the professional and Olympic levels. This citrus-flavored chewable is popular with younger athletes, as well, because it’s a more enjoyable delivery method. Additionally, many people choose to add it to smoothies or protein shakes for even more seamless ingestion.

What’s In Vizual Edge Chewable?

EyePromise Vizual Edge Chewable includes several imperative eye-healthy ingredients for protecting and enhancing vision, all while being yeast, gluten, and sugar free. These included nutrients have overall health benefits, as well.


This carotenoid builds up in the center of the macula and helps protect central vision. Getting at least 8 mg of dietary zeaxanthin helps sharpen fine details and protect the eyes from oxidation from harmful blue light. Zeaxanthin also supports skin and brain health.


Another carotenoid that’s important for vision, lutein builds up in the peripheral of the macula to protect peripheral vision. It’s recommended to get at least 4 mg of lutein to support optimal blue light protection. Lutein is also found in the brain and in breast milk.

Vitamin A

An important vitamin for overall eye health, Vitamin A is also an important component for a healthy and comfortable ocular surface.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a critical nutrient for maintaining a healthy immune system, but it also helps support eye health by working with Vitamin E to support the cell structure within the eye.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D supports vision, bone, and joint health as we age.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E helps slow cellular aging and works with Vitamin C to strengthen cell structure.


This essential mineral supports metabolism and eye health.

Who Should Take Vizual Edge Chewable?

Vizual Edge Chewable is part of EyePromise’s performance line, so we typically recommend it for athletes looking to gain an edge over the competitionThat said, Vizual Edge Chewable is a great solution for patients who have difficulty swallowing pills or who prefer alternative delivery methods.

Why Recommend Vizual Edge Chewable?

EyePromise Vizual Edge Chewable has all the necessary ingredients in the necessary amounts to make a positive impact on patients’ vision in one, tasty daily chewable. In addition to the highest quality, natural nutrients, this formula is manufactured in the U.S. and has been clinically proven to:

Along with clinical proof, here are some real-people testimonials after taking Vizual Edge Chewable.

EyePromise Vizual Edge Chewable is the best chewable eye vitamin available for your patients. Made with high-quality dietary zeaxanthin and several other ingredients, Vizual Edge Chewable delivers what your patients’ eyes need to improve vision overallLearn more about this leading chewable nutraceutical and how it can help your patients.