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Utilizing DiVFuSS and EyePromise DVS in Your Practice

Eye care professionals must remember that most patients with diabetes will be mostly symptom-free until serious damage is already done.It’s important to remember that the number of patients with blood glucose control issues continues to grow. Eye health concerns associated with high blood glucose are often symptom-free until the damage has already been done. While some options can save vision, they’re often expensive and invasive. Giving patients a more proactive way to protect their eyes can lead to more positive outcomes and a better quality of life.

High blood glucose affects the eyes, though the impact is not always visible, and damage occurs even when glucose control is good. Focusing on the changes that can lead to vision loss with a science-based nutraceutical makes “biologic sense,” according to Paul Chous, MA, OD, FAAO, CDE. With this, he developed the Diabetes Visual Function Supplement Study (DiVFuSS) to test his specialized formula. This formula is now available as EyePromise® DVS.


Dr. Chous offers a few suggestions for implementing DiVFuSS and DVS into your practice:

  1. Measure macular pigment optical density (MPOD) in patients with glucose control issues.
  • There is an inverse correlation between low MPOD and high blood glucose, and DiVFuSS proved that increasing MPOD helps protect patients’ vision from damage caused by high blood glucose.
  1. Prescribe EyePromise DVS to your patients who have high blood glucose and low MPOD.
    • DiVFuSS proved that EyePromise DVS has a positive impact on patients’ eyes. DVS is also guaranteed to increase MPOD.
    • e.g. I recommend an eye health vitamin proven to improve vision and block toxins responsible for eye damage WITHOUT affecting your blood sugar.
  1. Re-measure MPOD every 6 months to help ensure compliance and track patient progress.

Who should take EyePromise DVS?

EyePromise DVS

  • Adults with blood glucose control issues for 5+ years.
  • Individuals with eye health concerns of any severity due to blood glucose control issues.
  • Those with blood glucose control issues and reduced visual function or low MPOD.
  • Patients with sub-optimal blood glucose control.

Benefits to Your Practice

There are several benefits to incorporating DiVFuSS and EyePromise DVS into your practice. Proactively identifying risk for eye health concerns and offering a solution to help protect against possible damage can help improve overall patient care. Offering ways to follow the progress and give patients proof their supplementation is working can help differentiate your practice even further. Demonstrating this dedicated and transparent approach to eye care ultimately grows referrals, patient traffic, and practice profits.

Proactive care is the best way to protect patients’ vision. Utilizing DiVFuSS can help you identify and support patients at risk for eye health concerns caused by high blood glucose. By acting early, you can give them the best chance at a keeping their quality of life.

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