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The Intangibles: Why Patients Choose Contacts

If you currently prescribe contact lenses in your practice, you know that there are a lot of reasons patients can drop off. Whether it’s the difficulty of putting them in or the decline in comfort throughout the day, patients can run into a number of common contact lens issues. Despite these issues, many patients prefer contacts over glasses, and a survey mentioned in a Review of Optometric Business article reveals the more intangible reasons for this.

The Survey

The researchers of the survey reached out to 5000 contact-lens users through 5 countries: the U.S., Germany, Spain, the U.K., and Japan. The purpose of the survey was to help eye care professionals (ECPs) “recognize and articulate sometimes overlooked emotional benefits of contact lenses, yet which play essential roles in patient choice and ongoing satisfaction,” according to Dr. Gary Orsborn, vice-president, Global Professional, Medical & Clinical Affairs for CooperVision, who helped facilitate the survey.


  • 89% of respondents agreed that contacts “have improved my quality of life” and “allow me to live my life on my own terms.”
  • Over 80% of respondents stated that contact lenses help them feel attractive and confident and they believe they “look natural.”
  • 78% believe they can see better in contacts vs. glasses, including presbyopes aged 55+.
  • 79% stated that they “feel more like myself” when wearing contacts vs. glasses.

Download the guide for in-practice utilization of the survey information.

What About Those Common Contact Lens Issues?

All this information is great, but what if patients are still experiencing those daily comfort issues with contacts? It’s difficult to continue wearing lenses when they cause your eyes to feel dry and irritated. However, you can offer a solution to help your patients find a comfortable contact lens experience.

EyePromise® EZ Tears

EyePromise has developed an eye health nutraceutical formula that delivers high-quality nutrition for a healthier ocular surface. With TG Omega-3s plus 7 additional soothing ingredients, EyePromise EZ Tears helps patients create more natural tears and balance out their tear film. You may be thinking, “How does this help my contact lens patients?” With a healthy and balanced ocular surface, your patients are more likely to have a comfortable contact lens experience because they have a better environment for the lens to live. Additionally, EyePromise EZ Tears was demonstrated to increase comfortable contact lens wear by an average of 2.2 hours.

Perhaps you’re thinking now that drops are your solution for uncomfortable contact lens wear. However, it’s important to note that drops are only temporary, and patients often need to use them continuously in order to maintain comfort. Additionally, it’s not recommended that patients use eye drops for extended periods of time according to Healthline, as they can disrupt the natural state of the ocular surface. EyePromise EZ Tears is made with natural ingredients that are safe to take continuously, and it helps to build a soothing surface environment from the inside out.

Contact lenses are a terrific solution for patients needing corrective lenses, and thanks to the survey, we see they play a large role emotionally as well as physically. To help your patients start and continue using contact lenses, give them a healthy ocular surface by prescribing EyePromise EZ Tears. Learn more about becoming a successful occasional dry eye practice.

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