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The Importance of a Program Champion

A program champion can help your practice adopt the EyePromise program smoothly and efficiently.

When bringing in a new program, it can be intimidating to introduce to your staff. You want them to believe in it as strongly as you do, and you don’t want them to feel overwhelmed by another task added on to their daily to-do lists. You can’t always be around to make sure they’re implementing the new program the way you intended. For the EyePromise program, that’s where your Program Champion comes in.

EyePromise Program Champion

One of the best practices for having a successful integration of an EyePromise program into your practice is designating a Program Champion (PC). A PC is a team member other than a doctor who can help drive the program within the practice. They become the EyePromise expert in the practice, and they believe in the program as wholeheartedly as you do. They help EyePromise become more easily adopted in the everyday routine.

Responsibilities of the EyePromise Program Champion

The PC becomes the main point of contact for the EyePromise Regional Account Manager, especially if the doctor(s) become busy (like opening back up after the COVID-19 quarantine!). This person has the knowledge about the products and program to be the go-to for any EyePromise-related questions outside the exam room like concerns about compliance, why EyePromise over other products, and how the EyePromise Auto Refill Program works.

If the practice chooses to keep EyePromise product in-office, the PC is also responsible for inventory management. They also help run any mini-games within the office to help keep staff motivated and the EyePromise program top-of-mind. Along with ongoing program reminders, the PC can also help with ongoing education for both the office staff and patients.

Benefits of an EyePromise Program Champion

Most importantly, the PC’s job is to help take some of the responsibilities from the doctor(s), who are often extremely busy. This helps free up some time for the doctor(s) to focus on exam room education and other patient conversations that may need more time. As we mentioned, the PC can become the main point of contact for the EyePromise Regional Account manager, so they can keep up with anything new that deals with EyePromise.

The PC can also help explain some exam room conversations further after the doctor’s initial conversation in the exam room, but it’s important for the doctor to be the one to recommend EyePromise in the exam room. It’s typical for patients to come up with questions and/or concerns after leaving the exam room. The PC is the designated person who can handle these objections and inquiries when the doctor(s) isn’t there and the key to having a successful program outside the exam room.

A PC can be especially helpful at checkout when it comes to the EyePromise Auto Refill Program. Doctors often don’t have time between patients to explain the program in-depth enough for patients to feel comfortable enrolling. The PC knows the program’s options and benefits inside and out, and having this more detailed conversation with patients can lead to increased patient compliance and, in turn, improved patient outcomes.

Who Should You Choose to Be the EyePromise Program Champion?

Who becomes the EyePromise Program Champion is completely up to the doctor and/or the practice staff. It could be a technician, the lead optician, the office manager, or even someone at checkout. It differs based on the practice’s flow and needs. The EyePromise Regional Account Manager can help your practice determine who should oversee this critical role and help that person become the in-practice EyePromise expert.

It’s important to choose someone who understands the EyePromise program and has time for the added responsibilities. Additionally, it helps if the PC is or has a family member taking EyePromise. Personal experience with the product is always beneficial in this role!

Whether it’s for the EyePromise program or a different practice addition, it’s always helpful to have someone other than a doctor facilitate the program. If you want to learn more about designating an EyePromise Program Champion in your practice, reach out to your EyePromise Regional Account Manager today!