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Techniques to Improve the Vitamin Experience

Supplementation is the best way to make sure patients are getting the amounts of resveratrol their need to reap the benefits.

With everything going on in a practice, it can be hard to figure out when to fit in a vitamin sale. Similar to optical sales, patients may not see the need to purchase right away or from your practice at all. Using techniques that help the optical experience, you can improve the vitamin experience patients go through in your practice and, in turn, improve your possible success.

Treat Your Office Like Your Home

For some practitioners, their office is an extension of themselves just like their home. You don’t want your home feeling cold and uninviting, and your office shouldn’t be either. Guests should be greeted by a friendly staff member behind the front desk and directed to a clean, comfortable waiting area. Lighting and ambiance are both important factors, too. While you don’t want floodlights and silence, you also don’t want your office to feel like you’re walking into Hollister. If you haven’t had the pleasure of walking through a Hollister store, it’s dark, loud, and overly perfumed. But that ambiance works for them.

Ambiance is an important part of a practice that some may not consider.Hollister is a clothing company with notoriously dark, loud stores.

Finally, you wouldn’t expect people to come over without an invitation, so invite them into your practice. Don’t be afraid to host events in your space like trunk shows, meet-and-greets, or private shopping sessions for VIP patients. These events create a way for your patients to interact with your practice and the products in a more intimate and enjoyable way than an appointment and a sale.

Engage the Staff

As with any successful operation, having the right people makes the experience whole. Having staff members who are engaged and believe in the products takes the vitamin experience to the next level and brings a more enthusiastic feel to it. Those who are informed, educated, and well-trained in the products tend to be the most successful with the program.

“They know they’re good at their jobs because they’ve been given the tools, such as training on practice systems, and knowledge, such as education on products sold, needed to succeed.”

EyePromise offers continuous education and training for your practice to help your staff feel confident and help your practice succeed.

Create a Pleasant Environment & Experience

Pleasant environments start with a welcoming entry and invested staff members. A friendly greeting and adding a smile to the paperwork handoff can go a long way in making the first impression a positive one.

Doctor Engagement

Doctor interactions are important to the patient experience, too. Eye contact, a smile, and a pleasant handshake can help ease patients into the appointment and make them feel like more than another butt in the chair. This connection helps patients be more open to any suggestion you may have, like adding a daily vitamin for their eye health.

Seamless HandoffHaving a seamless handoff increases the likelihood of purchase as well as the trust patients have in your practice.

But the friendliness shouldn’t end in the exam room. The vitamin process becomes more effective if the doctor walks the patient out and reinforces the recommendation. A seamless handoff increases the likelihood of a sale, and it could look something like this:

  1. Walk the patient from the exam room to checkout space.
  2. Introduce patient to handoff person.
  3. Tell the handoff person that you want the patient to take this EyePromise product for their symptoms/complaints/concerns.
  4. Tell the patient that the handoff person will take care of them and get them everything they need before they go.
  5. Salutations and well wishes.

After introductions, the handoff person should reiterate the recommendation and the “why” (symptom/complaint/concern), asking questions like “Do you take any other vitamins?” or “Do you struggle with (symptom/complaint/concern)?” This staff member can then use this information to engage with the patient and help build the relationship, improving the overall experience.

Simple, Efficient Close

Now, it’s time to close the actual sale. This is still up to the handoff person, and they should once again explain what product is recommended/being purchased and its benefits – the product’s 1-minute elevator pitch. Then, set expectations of when they can expect their first shipment of EyePromise or when they should need to reorder. With that message, schedule their next appointment and send them on their way.

Get Social

Social media can be one of the most helpful and terrifying things for a practice to use just because we’ve all seen it go right and oh so wrong. Realistically, social media is a great way to maintain and cultivate the relationship with your people. You can respond to customers in real time and get feedback almost instantly. You can also use this medium to share news, promotions, events, and more with your audience.

Learn more about using social media for your practice.

Don’t Let It Become Mundane

When you or your staff are with a patient, be sure to look up from the electronics.

Perhaps this is the most important one. You can have the most efficient process out there, but if your enthusiasm doesn’t show or it becomes just another thing you do, it will fall flat. Be sure you and your staff are looking up from computers, phones, files, etc. and making the patient feel like your only concern at that moment. While having the latest technology is great, the human-to-human connection is irreplaceable.

Other Ways to Simplify the Vitamin Experience

Are you familiar with the EyePromise Auto Refill program? It is a great tool to help improve efficiency in your practice while simplifying the ordering and reordering process for your patients. Sign up for a consultation to learn how this program can fit into your practice.


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