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Real Results with EyePromise® DVS

Drs. Megan Chee and Nate Lighthizer teamed up to bring you a case study that proves EyePromise DVS works in a real-world practice setting.

With diabetes being such a medication-heavy illness, it can be intimidating to recommend an eye vitamin. In a case study published by Healio, Drs. Nate Lighthizer and Megan Chee proved that EyePromise DVS fits right into the standard diabetes care protocol and positively impacts patient outcomes.

The Case Study

The study reviewed the case of a 63-year-old Native American woman with an unexplained decrease in vision. Though she took various medications for her diabetes and hypertension, she struggled with poorly controlled diabetes for over 20 years. Testing revealed that the patient had dysfunction in the retina and central macula with no structural abnormalities noted in the OCT or fundus imaging.


Drs. Lighthizer and Chee determined the patient had mild nonproliferative diabetic retinopathy (NPDR) but suspected that the retinopathy was worse than the imaging showed due to the significantly abnormal ERG tests.


After this discovery, Lighthizer and Chee started the patient on EyePromise DVS and educated her on diabetes care and proper blood sugar and pressure control. At the 6-month follow-up, she showed improvements in ERF, and she reported noticing improvements in her vision which was supported by improved acuity.

Other Clinical Results with EyePromise DVS

While this is just one patient, DVS was studied in a clinical trial with 67 participants. The monumental study reviewed the impact a group of ingredients would have on the health of patients with diabetes. Overall, the results were wildly successful. A few notable results include:

  • Increased macular pigment by 31%
  • Improved color vision by 21%
  • Contrast sensitivity improved by 19%
  • Improved peripheral vision by 12%
  • Reduced blood pressure and inflammation
  • Reduced LDL-C while improving HDL-C
  • Doesn’t impact blood sugar levels

Read more about the importance of the Diabetes Visual Function Supplement Study.

Ultimately, we all want the same things for patients with diabetes: a better quality of life. Based on the results of this case study, “clinicians should strongly consider supplementation in diabetic patients as a more thorough understanding is gained regarding the pathogenesis of the disease and importance of vitamins and minerals on the health of the body’s vasculature.” EyePromise DVS has ingredients proven to clinically improve eye health, and it should be included in the diabetes care protocol.

Download the full case study or watch a 1-hour webinar with Dr. Lighthizer.

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