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Partner with EyePromise® & DVS

As a company founded in science and driven by research, EyePromise’s dedication to efficacy and quality is a staple in our story. Like the company itself, EyePromise DVS was grown out of a clinical research study and formulated with the ingredients shown to support eye health in patients with diabetes. However, a partnership with EyePromise and DVS is more than scientific jargon and in-depth ingredient analysis.

Why Partner with EyePromise?

EyePromise is more than the #1 doctor-recommended nutraceutical brand; we partner with your practice with programs that fit your needs and help you be successful. With patient education and practice material, business reviews, and tools to help you market and differentiate your practice, EyePromise considers every aspect of your business to help it grow. Money-back guarantees and FDA cGMP and NSF certifications assure you and your patients quality formulations. Years of clinical research and an exclusive partnership with major league sports guarantee real results.

Our products are supported with quality assurance and efficacy guarantees, and our partners are supported with online and in-practice support. From webinars to in-person training, we’ll do all we can to help you hit the ground running. Along with clinical research for each product, we’ve built our own database of research insights based on our own observations of current partners. Simply put, we’ve boiled down what our most successful doctors do and created a step-by-step process to help all our partners become just as successful.

Why DVS?EyePromise DVS is designed for patients with poor blood glucose control.

EyePromise DVS grew out of the mind of Paul Chous, MA, OD, FAAO, CDE. He saw how well AREDS 2 worked for patients with Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD), and he wondered if an eye health nutraceutical could have a similar benefit for patients with diabetes. From there, he and his fellow researchers handpicked the most scientifically relevant nutrients to support eye health in patients with diabetes. After the Diabetes and Visual Function Supplement Study was completed, the studied formula (available as EyePromise DVS):

  • Improved color vision
  • Increased contrast sensitivity
  • Heightened peripheral vision
  • Enhanced low light vision
  • Did not impact blood glucose

About 10% of patients seen by ODs are at risk for or currently have diabetes. Optometrists are often the ones to discover the first signs of these issues. EyePromise DVS gives optometrists a way to impact these patients’ eye health.

Like AMD, the key is early intervention. Diabetes care requires a collaborative effort among healthcare providers. Incorporating EyePromise and DVS in the conversation with these patients gives eye care providers the opportunity to make a difference before serious visual changes begin to develop or harm has been done.

Having positive patient outcomes and a practice partner dedicated to your success, working with EyePromise and incorporating DVS start to sound like no-brainers. Learn more about utilizing DVS in your practice and the opportunity EyePromise creates for your practice.