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Parents’ Concerns About Screen Time Continue to Grow

Screen time is an increasing concern for parents and healthcare professionals alike.Screen time is a hot topic for many people, whether it’s doctors, educators, or parents. While options for helping reduce screen time continue to increase, so does the concern parents have regarding their children screen use. Vision Monday recently shared survey results detailing what concerns parents most about screen time use, specifically for their teens.

Survey Results

As we’ve talked about before, digital screens have become of necessary part of life. In fact, it has been reported that 95% of teens in the US now have or have access to a smartphone, and 45% of teens admit that they’re online “almost constantly.” These screen time habits are a cause of concern among parents, with 65% admitting they worry their teen spends too much time in front of screens. Six out of 10 parents worry their teen may lose the ability to communicate in-person.


62% of parents are worried their teen will lose the ability to communicate in person.


Think about that. Over half of the parents who responded are scared their teen may not communicate effectively because of their device use. With the proven impact increased screen time has on social and mental development, parents have every right to be concerned.

Concern Calls for Action

Parents have devised several ways to deal with the technology increase. Fifty-eight percent of parents admit to checking their teen’s web history, recent calls, and text messages, and 57% set screen time limits and use digital isolation (take away devices/internet) as punishment. Setting times for family interaction sans devices is also a great way to help moderate screen time (no devices during dinner, movie night, game night, etc.).

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