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Optometry Giving Sight – World Sight Day Challenge

Optometry Giving Sight World Sight Day Challenge

Throughout September and October, EyePromise is participating in the 10th annual Optometry Giving Sight World Sight Day Challenge. We have supported this event for years and are thrilled for the opportunity to help make a difference once again.

What is Optometry Giving Sight?

Optometry Giving Sight (OGS) is an international fundraising organization that works year-round to target the prevention of vision loss caused by limited access to routine eye care like eye exams or glasses. The organization supports programs that educate local eye care professionals and build vision-focused centers to sustain the continued care of patients at affordable prices.

OGS projects have supported many different countries. Previous funding efforts have enabled countries like Afghanistan, Ghana, Peru and Singapore to provide:

  • Primary eye care to remote areas
  • Testing and teaching instruments to optometry students
  • Prescription eye wear and more

Some current projects include:

  • Building an optometry school in Mozambique
  • Adding a full service optical laboratory to a hospital in Peru
  • Incorporating an eye health screening program to schools in Cambodia

A few of OGS’s new projects are designed to help children in Mexico receive corrective lenses, screen and deliver proper care for Diabetic Retinopathy in rural India, and support the health of those affected by natural disasters in Nepal.

10th Anniversary of World Sight Day

World Sight Day (WSD) is an annual event dedicated to focusing global awareness on blindness and vision impairment. This year, October 13th is the official day chosen for WSD. The Challenge specifically encourages donations and participation in fundraising events to help fund sustainable eye health projects that support OGS’s mission. For the 10th anniversary, the focus follows the Our Children’s Vision campaign and looks to help children and adolescents by providing effective, sustainable eye health initiatives.

Over 600 million people are blind or visually impaired because of lack of standard eye care, and with 80% of these cases being treatable or curable, action needs to be taken.

EyePromise is dedicated to fighting vision loss and preserving healthy vision, a mission that mimics that of OGS. Our goal is to protect and enhance vision through nutrition, improving sight from the inside out. We hope to reach youth in need and proactively fight vision impairment. This year, our World Sight Day Challenge participation includes internal fundraising and partial donations on product case sales.

To learn more and find out how you can help, visit the Optometry Giving Sight website.