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Let’s Talk Business with Randy Peters, OD

Randy Peters, OD, explains what he thinks helps his private optometry practice successful.Randy Peters, OD, is a practicing optometrist out of Ohio. A member of the American Optometric Association and Vision Source, Dr. Peters owns his own practice and specializes in primary eye care, contact lenses, and ocular disease. He uses several advanced optical technologies, allowing for the most state-of-the-art eye health and vision exams.

Like Dr. Sasha Radford, we were fortunate enough to ask Dr. Peters a series of questions to find out what he attributes to his success. If you don’t have time to read it right now, you can download the PDF and save it for later.

How Many Patients Per Day Do You See and How Do You Make the Ones You See “Count”?

As a private practice doctor, I see around 30-40 patients per day. My main focuses are on patient education and individual consultations.

What’s Your Biggest Challenge as a Business Owner?

While it sometimes may be difficult to make sure I am spending enough time with each of my patients, my staff is excellent at following up on emergency visits, first-time glaucoma patients, dry eye patients, first-time progressive lens wearers, and others who may need a bit more attention.

Name One of the Things That You Can Credit Your Success To.

Dr. Peters believes that educating his patients and truly caring about their eye health is key to his success.

One reason patients continue to return year after year and take my recommendations so seriously: I truly care about their eye health.

Peters Family Eyecare has an organized and dedicated staff focused on patient education and maintaining a clean, attractive office that boasts modern technology that competitors may not have access to.

How Do You Market Your Practice?

When it comes to marketing, we utilize Facebook, our sign in front of our building, our website, the newspaper, radio, and merchandise with our logo. We also make periodic visits to area primary care
physicians’ offices.

How Do You Overcome the Challenge of Patients Choosing Online Vendors?

We strive to make sure the products we’re asking our patients to purchase are available and pay special attention to explaining to our patients the quality of the products and making sure they’re getting what they need, which online vendors may not do.

How Do You Sell EyePromise to Your Patients?

Dr. Peters utilizes visual aids and guarantees to help his patients understand the benefits of EyePromise.

We sell EyePromise products to our patients using visual aids and by educating them, as well as relating our own personal experiences with EyePromise products. Our patients are impressed when their macular pigment optical density (MPOD) scores increase after six months and some notice better visual performance.

How Do You Hold Your Staff Accountable for “Selling” at the Front Desk or Covering Everything They’re Expected To?

To hold everyone accountable, we track, measure, and report our results weekly, and then discuss our challenges and successes to determine what next month’s goals will be.


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  1. I too, feel that making patient care a priority along with having a staff that embraces the doctor’s philosophy, is necessary to have a successful practice. The difficulty comes from outside sources. Such as insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies. They have taken the “Care” out of health care. It is now, “Health Co.”

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