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How You Can Encourage Appointment Booking

So many things have changed since the COVID-19 pandemic started. While some things have started returning to normal, many people are still nervous about going to public places like restaurants, grocery stores, and even healthcare practices. With this in mind, the Review of Optometric Business shared some tips to help encourage patients to book and keep their appointments.

Practice-to-Patient Communication

First and foremost, communication is vital. Patients need to know all the ways you’ve changed/improved your practice protocols to help keep everyone safe and healthy. Share all the ways you and your staff have increased precautionary measures and sanitation. It’s important to share these changes/updates in multiple channels to try and reach the maximum number of patients and potential patients. Consider utilizing channels like email, phone, social media, and direct mail to spread the word.

Prepare StaffHere are some tips to help you encourage appointment booking and increase patient volume.

Your staff is an irreplaceable piece of your practice puzzle. For patients to feel comfortable coming back into the practice, your staff needs to understand the protocol changes and help reiterate their importance. Preparation and training help staff feel comfortable with the changes and better understand why you made these changes. This understanding helps your staff better explain them to patients.

EyePromise Encouragement

With an EyePromise partnership, we don’t just want you to be successful with our products. We want your practice to be a successful business in every sense. That’s why we act as an extension of your practice, offering marketing help, best practices, and additional patient and staff education. We also encourage all our customers via email and social media to schedule annual eye exams and reiterate the importance of making and keeping these appointments.

The pandemic may have slowed down, but your patient numbers don’t have to. Find out how else EyePromise can partner with you and help you achieve your end-of-year goals.