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How EyePromise Helped Practices During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Since the COVID-19 shutdown in 2020, many practices have been working hard to get back up and running to the fullest extent. Some practices may not have to work as hard as others because they’ve had someone working for them in the background: EyePromise®.

As a complete practice partner, EyePromise supports eye care professionals with more than just clinically proven eye health nutraceuticals. We work with every facet of your business to help improve efficiency, patient outreach, and patient outcomes, which all add up to better performance overall. This pandemic impacted us all, and while we were fortunate enough to take (most of) our work home with us, we recognize that not everyone was as fortunate. So, we took the action necessary to help further support our partners in these unprecedented times.

Suspended Payments

One of the ways we help our partners is by offering a way to test the progress of supplementation through macular pigment optical density (MPOD) measurement. This measurement is completed with the QuantifEye® MPS II, the industry-leading, clinically validated MPOD measurement instrument.

However, this equipment is often under lease, and this means lease payments. During the shutdown, EyePromise worked with our accounting department to ensure these payments were delayed, so our partners had one less thing to worry about.

Nutraceuticals: Signed. Sealed. Delivered.

Just because patients couldn’t get into the office doesn’t mean they should go without their EyePromise nutraceuticals. This is where the EyePromise Auto Refill Program comes in.

The EyePromise Auto Refill Program (ARP) is a nutraceutical subscription program for your patients. It offers the flexibility of home delivery, postponement of that delivery whenever necessary, and cancellation of subscription at any time. Additionally, your patients receive a free bottle in their first shipment, save on every bottle shipped, and never pay shipping costs. That’s right, every order is shipped for free – no cost to you, your practice, or your patients.

With this automatic shipment, the ordering is completely contactless (if necessary). Patients can simply use the unique URL provided to your practice to access your ARP page, or they can order from and use your personal doctor code at checkout. Either way gets the same results: automatic nutraceutical shipments based on when the patient needs it at a discount with no extra work for you and your staff. Dr. Linda Drake, an optometrist in Missouri, shared her practice’s experience and how her patients love the convenience.

“At the beginning of the pandemic, [we] began offering curbside delivery for eyewear, contact lenses, and other products. One of those products was EZ Tears™ by EyePromise. We scheduled curbside pickups for those patients who were low on their supply and gave them the practice [code] with their bottles so they could order online. We also gave this information to the patients who called in, and they were grateful to have a more convenient option. We still stock EZ Tears in our practice for new patients, but many established patients are now ordering at their convenience. It’s a nice bonus for them to receive savings along with no shipping charges.”

The best part: this program works both in and out of lockdown! Just take it from Dr. Reed Jarvis, an optometrist in Kentucky who found relief in the convenience of ARP both during and after the shutdown.

We have been partners with EyePromise for many years. I’ve always been impressed with the quality of their products as well as their customer service. When the pandemic shut our practice down last year, one of my concerns was the ability to continue providing high-quality supplements to our patients. The Auto Refill Program answered my concern!  Even now that we are back open, our practice has continued promoting this simple and convenient option. Not only is it the most cost-effective option for our patients, it also allows us to reduce our inventory costs at a time where uncertainty in the market still exists.”

You may be wondering, “How is this possible? It seems too good to be true!” Yeah, we get that a lot.

But it’s real, and it can be part of your practice in minutes. Just call EyePromise Customer Support at 866-833-2800, and they can set up your personal code and ARP page, as well as some training with an EyePromise Regional Account Manager so your staff feels comfortable with the program.

Learn more about the EyePromise Auto Refill Program.

Marketing Support

In addition to providing clinically proven, natural eye health nutraceuticals directly to patients’ homes and suspending lease payments, we also offered marketing support to practices throughout the shutdown. We shared prepared social media images and written copy with our partners so they could share it on their social media platforms to help maintain relevance and contact with their patient following.

We also helped through email outreach, notifying their patients of any updates with closures, educating them about eye health, and encouraging them to return to the practice once it is safe. Finally, acting as another arm of your practice, our expert Customer Support team calls every new patient to check in to ask how it’s going, if they have any questions, and what they can do to help them along in their eye health journey. This marketing support is also available post-pandemic.

There were (and still are) many uncertainties surrounding the outbreak of COVID-19, but EyePromise is a practice partner you can count on. Find out how we can help grow your practice and help your patients by having your local EyePromise Regional Account Manager contact you.