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Halloween 2018 Safety

It’s Halloween!Halloween is here, and so are some safety tips to keep in mind for your patients.

Tonight, people will be dressed as kooky pirates, spooky vampires, and playful pop-culture icons on a hunt for treats of all kinds. While this time of year is supposed to be scary, there are a few things that can turn this night of fun into a truly terrifying event.

Costume-Related Safety Concerns

Costumes are a staple to this evening of tricks and treats, but it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. There are a few reasons costumes can turn into dangerous accessories.

Ill-Fitting Costumes

Costumes that are too big or too small can cause problems throughout the night. Baggy, loose-fitting clothing that’s too long can cause the wearer to trip and make it difficult to enjoy the evening with constant adjustments. Hoods on a costume that’s too large can fall and impede vision. Sleeves that are too long can cause problems when trying to handle door knobs, steering wheels, phones, treat bags, etc.

Outfits that are too small can cause another host of issues. Most of these are comfort-related, with tight sleeves and squeezing waistbands leaving marks on the skin and even causing pain. Masks that are too small can cause eye irritations and obstruct vision, making evening travels difficult and dangerous.

Hazardous ShoesShoes can be an important accessory for a costume, but patients should be practical about their choice in footwear.

Shoes are a necessary inclusion regardless of costume requirements. Without them, Halloween participants may step on something or scrape and stub their toes. Shoes also help the costumed crusader’s feet from getting too cold, but some people go to extreme lengths to complete their looks. While high heels may add the perfect touch to a princess’s garb, they’re not practical for a long evening of collecting candy. Like the section above, shoes that are too big or too small can cause issues like slipping and pain. It’s best to stick with sensible shoes that fit well.


Most costumes have some kind of accessory, whether it be gloves, a wig, special makeup, etc. These accessories can become dangerous if not used properly. Wigs with bangs that are too long can irritate the eyes and cause the wearer to have trouble seeing. Things like staffs, swords, guns, wands, and batons, can cause damage if the wielder is not careful. These items can be detrimental if they come in contact with the eyes. It’s best to leave these with more responsible Halloween partakers.

For more Halloween accessories that can damage the eyes, check out our blog post “Costume Pieces that Could be a Fright for Patients’ Sight.”

Candy Threats

The only thing people should worry about with candy on Halloween is eating too much. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Recent social media outrage has drawn a lot of attention to hidden dangers within certain kinds of candies. People have found anywhere from needles to razor blades inside wrapped candy intended to cause harm to the eater. It’s best to only trick or treat in trusted neighborhoods and environments, but it never hurts to double check candy before diving in.

Be sure to tell patients to double check the candy collected on Halloween to make sure there are no hidden objects.

Other Dangers

Beyond candy and costume woes, Halloween can include environmental dangers, as well. People use different methods of transportation to get from house to house like cars, bikes, golf carts, and wagons. It wouldn’t take much to cause serious harm if one were to get entangled with one of these vehicles. It’s important to keep an eye out for other trick or treaters, whether on foot or wheels.

Some decorations can be hazardous, as well. Hanging decorations can get in the way and entangle people walking by, while blow-up décor can trip people with lines and wires that hold them down. Yard decorations can cause falls and toe stubs, and things like smoke machines can make it difficult to see.

We want everyone to enjoy Halloween, regardless of how they choose to celebrate. While some people like to go to the extreme with costumes, decorations, and candy hauls, it’s best to be smart and exercise caution. With that, the EyePromise family wishes you a safe and happy Halloween!


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