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Do More for Your Patients with Diabetes

Diabetes is a growing problem, but EyePromise offers a simply, nutritionally-focused solution called DVS.Diabetes is a continually growing problem affecting more and more Americans. The Vision Health Initiative (VHI) Report by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention showed that the rate of Americans aged 40 years and older with vision issues associated with diabetes will triple from 2005 to 2050. With this increase, eye care professionals run a higher risk of encountering patients who knowingly or unknowingly have diabetes and may suffer from eye health issues as a result.

Optometry Times (OT) posted an article that urges eye care professionals not to be misled by seemingly insignificant signs of visual issues in patients with diabetes. It could be more serious than it looks at first glance.

Identifying Patients with Diabetes

Retinal exams are helpful tools in finding early signs of eye health deterioration common in patients with diabetes. A simple dilated eye exam can also help expose areas of concern. Dilated fundus exams help to show more serious eye health changes like intraretinal hemorrhages. The OT article suggests that fluorescein angiography can give you a deeper look.

Diabetes-related eye health issues can cause visual impairment and vision, but patients can do something now to help protect their eyes.

In the case study referred to in the OT article, the patient was virtually symptom-free. However, fluorescein angiography revealed “a more concerning picture with presence of capillary nonperfusion and neovascularization everywhere (NVE),” which identified the patient as having vision-threatening concerns.

Patient Care: Next Steps

There are many different paths doctors can suggest after identifying patients with diabetes. First and foremost, recommend they see an endocrinologist (if they don’t already) or their primary care physician for proper education. Then, schedule a follow-up appointment (3 months if their vision is in danger; 1 year if they are in the early signs). Third, refer them to a retinal specialist. Regardless of how damaged their eyes are, it’s not if but when patients with diabetes will develop eye health issues.

Prescribe EyePromise® DVSEyePromise DVS is designed to support eye health in patients with diabetes.

It can be difficult to know exactly what to do for patients struggling with diabetes. EyePromise DVS is an easy solution you can offer now. EyePromise DVS is a daily eye health nutraceutical that is specifically formulated to help support eye health in patients with diabetes. Proven beneficial in an FDA-registered clinical trial, EyePromise packed DVS with high-quality ingredients delivered in a simple, 2-softgel-a-day dosage to protect and enhance vision.

Offer your patients with diabetes the nutritional protection they need to help protect their eyes. Add EyePromise DVS to your patient care protocol.