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Business Reviews: How Can They Help?

What if you learned what practices like yours are doing to be successful? You could use their successes in your own practice and modify other processes to better fit your needs. Too good to be true? Not if you’re an EyePromise® partner.

Dive Into a Business ReviewBusiness reviews are conducted to get a better idea of how the EyePromise program is working for a practice.

EyePromise focuses on partnering with our practices, helping them grow their business and become successful in every way. One way we try and help increase practice productivity is through business reviews. A business review is a process that evaluates how the program is implemented, how we can help patients stay more compliant, and how to develop a more effective partnership. These reviews have the option of both in-office and online appointments.

What Happens in a Business Review?

With your EyePromise Regional Account Manager, you’ll receive a practice analysis and peer group evaluation showing how you compare to practices like yours and giving you a better, real-world idea of how you are/could be performing. You’ll review your practice’s performance over the years, diving into specifics like purchases per product and total profitability, and use the data to determine goals and how we can better assist you in achieving those goals.

How Do We Do This?

Partnering with practices throughout the country for 17+ years, EyePromise is a veteran in the eye health nutraceuticals and macular pigment optical density (MPOD) measurement industry. Using these years of experience, our team began conducting day-long observations of our most successful partners. We routinely collect data from these practices to develop true comparable data points for our peer group comparisons.

Comparing real data collected from other practices allows EyePromise to share real insights with our partners.

Why Would You Want This?

Utilizing business reviews by EyePromise helps you run the program more efficiently and helps your practice be more successful overall. Reflecting on years past and creating a path to success help you see a clearer picture of what your practice can achieve. With this picture, your EyePromise team understands how we can better support your efforts. This is also an opportunity to schedule training for your staff to ensure they understand their role in this process.

Ultimately, it is your choice whether to schedule the review or not, but data doesn’t lie. If improving your practice is your goal, a business review may be the key.

Already an EyePromise partner? Sign up for a business review now!

Contact your local EyePromise Regional Account Manager to learn more about our programs and how you can start utilizing business reviews.

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